Bejeweled 2
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Bejeweled 2 is great game that has been developed and published by PopCap Games in the year of 2004. This game is available for lots of gaming consoles out there, which is good. This game has lots similar features as the 1st settlement of Bejeweled series, which was Bejeweled, and the latest settlement of Bejeweled series which is Bejeweled 3.

If you never played any of Bejeweled games, here is how the game goes. You have to swap one gem with another and try to form a chain of three or more gems that are in the same color, you've to keep doing this to collect points to reach levels. You'll think this is really easy, but it's really harder than you think. You've to use your brain to win this game. Also, the gems comes in different shapes, and colors.

There are 4 different main modes in this game that you can play, and they are Classic, Puzzle, Endless, and Action. Each mode has a different variety of game play. For example: In Classic Mode, you've to swap three or more gems together to form a chain. When you form a chain, it is going to disappear and new gems comes in to replace them. Now you've to keep making chains. Each chain will give you points. You've to fill your score bar with that points to reach the next level.

Not just that, there are several secret modes available on this game, that you've to unlock by reaching levels.

For example,

1. To unlock Twilight Mode, you've to reach level 18 Classic Mode.

2. To unlock Hyper Mode, you've to reach level 9 in Action Mode

Here are only two of them, but there are more.

When you take a look at the graphics on this game, it's not that complicated, which means there is no need for high end system to run this game. Even a older system can run this game super smoothly. This game has no graphics settings to configure, which is pretty cool.

When you compare this to the first Bejeweled game, This game has been improved a lot by PopCap Games. Here are some of the things that they have improved,

1. Graphics - More 3D looking

2. Modes -  Lots of new modes

3. Available for lots of gaming consoles - It's even available for consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

My most favorite part of this game is the music. They makes the game so addicting. It even says "Good Bye", when you quit the game. I love the Bejeweled 2 Theme song, since it's the song that plays on the main menu. All the Bejeweled games are nicely well done with music.

I would actually suggest this game for anyone, since it's so much fun. Also, if you're a fan of games like Zuma and Peggle, this is another game like that, so give this a try and you'll love it. If you have played the Bejeweled, you really have to try this game, or you'll miss some of the fun that you can have in here. In my opinion this game is a must play game. You could also play this game for relaxing.

Overall I give Bejeweled 2 a rating of 10 since it's playable on any older systems , the graphics are stunning for a game like this and this game is just perfect.


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Looks simple, but its hard!