Mass Effect 3
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Mass Effect 3 is not a game that you can just look at in isolation. You must start from the beginning or you will miss out a great deal. Everything started with Mass Effect and it went on to Mass Effect 2 and this is where it all comes together, the end....Mass Effect 3! This is probably one of the best third person, action packed RPG series ever made. Although each game had its mistakes or imperfections, they were still great games that a lot of people loved! Now with Mass Effect 3, again not perfect, but an excellent game with many hours of gameplay that just draws you into the game. This is another winner here....another must play game.

The Reapers are here on earth to destroy us all, to exterminate us. This is not all, it gets worse. The Reapers are attacking all the major races all over the galaxy. It is a mass extermination! Shepard is the galaxy’s only hope. He needs to put together one massive army to destroy the Reapers. He also needs to run some alliance errands (as if he has nothing better to do with his time) and on one of these, designs for a weapon that can destroy the Reapers are found. Without giving away all the juicy details, Shepard needs to do missions for other races before they will join him just like the other Mass Effect games, but in Mass Effect 3, the player gets sucked into the story. This game, the story…it is so much more as if you ARE Shepard and it is a lot more emotional than the other games of this series. You have difficult decisions, you need to be a good leader and try and keep your people alive. This is not so easy. The ending of this game, is a great ending to the series, BUT and this is a big but, the ending is not what you want it to be. This is because you as the player are so emotionally involved in the game and the way it sucks you in wants the game to end different. When I finished the game, I was like: “What a bad ending!!!” But then I took a step back. I looked not only at Mass Effect 3 but I looked at every game of this series, from the start to the end. I realised, this is a great ending to a great series. The series needed an ending and this is what you get. There are a lot of other things happening in the game, like why Cerberus is involved with the Reapers, but it would be too much of a spoiler to mention them all. All you need to know is that the game is worth it.

The gameplay is very similar to the previous games. There are a few things that could have been better. One example is when you are sprinting and you get close to cover, you go behind cover even though this was not your intention. Another example is when you want to go behind cover, it just does not allow you and then you die. So really small things made me really pissed at the game, but the story was too good to just let go over some minor irritating glitches. There are cool weapons that you can pick up or buy and the same goes for the amour. You can also buy or pick up mods for your weapons so that you can mod them. The one thing that I really wanted different was the number of mod slots. You get like 5 mods per weapon but you only have 2 slots per weapon. This sucked because I wanted to add all the mods. Your weapons come in 5 different classes. These are assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and pistols. You can carry all of these if you want, but your team mates only have 2 slots each. You and your team mates also gather ability points which allow you to upgrade your and their abilities which are used in battle like Mass Effect 2. Even though there are some room for improvements the gameplay is not that bad.

The visuals have been improved since Mass Effect 2. The game overall is not bad looking but we have all seen better graphics in other games. Do I complain about this? No not really because I think the game is made for its story and if you look at visual effects especially in battle, they look real nice. I actually hoped that more of the environment will be more destructible, but unfortunately there are zero destruction whatsoever. Sound effects are also well done. There are not really much to say about this topic. This game is not like Battlefield 3 which was made to look real good. This game has been made for the story and I think this game did real good.

There will be some DLC packs for Mass Effect 3 just like the other Mass Effect games. The DLC will not change the ending of the game, but will give a better insight and understanding of everything that is happening.

Overall Mass Effect 3 is a great game. It was one of the games that I have been waiting for and I am sure I am not the only one. This game is well balanced with a lot of action. The story is excellent with decent gameplay and visuals. There are room for improvement, but this is minor stuff. If you have not played the other Mass effect games, please do so before playing this! Otherwise this will be a waste. I enjoyed this game and had a lot of fun completing it. This is a must play for the Mass effect fans. You won’t regret it.