Split Second
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Even the cover explodes.

This game might have been released a long time ago,but even so it is a very good game.Why?

Well,for start,this game is arcade and racing,which everyone loves to play.Then,the player has the ability to use the environment as a weapon and deal some damage to the competitors.Who would not want to change the track by destroying a dam or a huge tower?Also,the competitors can use the same weapons to try to stop you.

Secondly,the graphics are quite good for this type of game.The explosions are very nicely done and they give a realistic feeling when they happen right near you.The cars are very detailed and are very beautiful even if they don't exist in the real life.But who cares when they are great?!

Thirdly,the so called story is quite long because it took me 2 weeks to finish it and made me try to get all achievements.The races are becoming repetitive after a few hours but because you my never know what will explode in the next corner,it fells great.The tracks are few but they are very...atractive.Why?Because they offer great variety of dangers and they offer many hours of fun.

The sound is great when there are explosions,falling objects,high speed and engines going at their limits.The music is specially made for this game I think because every song makes the game fell more realistic.I personally listened every song just because I enjoyed them.

The multiplayer offers only racing,elimination and survival type racing.They aren't bad because you can still have fun when you know that your explosion destroyed another players car.It isn't the best,but the fun it offers makes it a very nice method of becoming happy.

So,the game might me a little old,but it still makes me happy when I play it.If you haven't played it yet,try buy it or ask someone who has it to give it to you.I assure you,you will like it.If you won't,then try BLUR.

The environment is your biggest enemy.