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This is Audi Le mans Quattro :)

So, this is my first review :) enjoy it ;)

Carbon isn't like carbon fiber. It's Need for Speed: Carbon, which brought a bit of courage to NFS games. My first gameplay of it wasn't great - my graphics are stupid. But then I played it on laptop and - my happiness from NFS games increased the maximum. Story of game is great and there appeared a great idea of conquering city. But minus isshort career. You can win the game in 1-2 days. Carlist of Carbon is good. There are my favourite cars, like Koenigsegg CCX, Chevrolet Camaro and Audi Le mans Quattro or R8 :) Ok ok we make it shorter - why is this game great? 'cause of carlist, story, ideas and fun to play. So, try it, it's really good! :D 

Carbon logo is interesting :D