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   Unepic is a pleasant mix of platforming with RPG aspects which takes place in a huge medieval castle called Harnakon. It takes inspiration from the games Castlevania, WoW and The Maze of Galious. Unepic will provide a challenge for almost all gamers. Even on medium difficulty I found myself occasionally swearing at random goblins. The game requires you to plan your attacks carefully as blazing through each corridor of enemies is a sure fire way of getting yourself killed. This challenge I think will be welcome throughout the community where more and more people are noticing the gradual dumbing down of new games to appeal to the wider "casual" public, an example of this is Dragon Age 2. Unepic was created almost entirely by one lone man from Barcalona. Francisco Tellez de Meneses created Unepic during his free time over the span of two years. The game has a unique, in your face, humour which at times is very successful but at other times seems forced and slightly desperate, almost cringe worthy. There are countless refrences to the so called "nerdy" games and movies such as WoW, Star Wars, and StarCraft etc.

   Daniel is your typical D&D player whose only stand out feature appears to be his extremely weak bladder. During one of his many trips to the bathroom, the lights go out and is sucked into a new fantasy universe, deep in the middle of the dark nightmarish castle of Harnakon. This is a castle with seven guardians each holding a key which unlocks new parts of the castle. You must take on each of these guardians in their own boss fight, which is very retro in style. The bosses have their own style of attack which the player must adapt to in order to defeat them and some are very difficult indeed. Daniel soon runs into a shadowy spirit who tries to possess him. When this fails the spirit is trapped inside of Daniel, this is the start of a beautiful new friendship. Daniel affectionately names his dark spirit Zeratul (one of the countless references to other games and movies throughout the game). While Zeratul does everything in his power to lead Daniel to an untimely death so he can free himself, the two appear to bond as the game progresses.  There are a few genuinely funny exchanges between these two throughout the game, but sadly these seem few and far between. The banter between Daniel and Zeratul is usually enjoyable to listen to but due to the extremely long quests in the game, there can be large gaps of pure combat with no interaction with any characters which can lead to tedious work. Unfortunately, at times, I actually felt like turning my computer off and going outside. No gamer should ever feel that way.

Controlling Daniel is easy for all gamers, new to PC or not. The movement animations are exceptional as are the animations during combat. All of this provides a very immersive experience, which is only broken by the occasional double take as you glance up at your window and notice how dark it is outside.

   The combat is surprisingly in-depth considering this was a one man project. There are countless different weapons split into categories which can be leveled up to improve Daniel's proficiency in each category. These categories include swords, daggers, maces, wands, axes, bows and spears. Along with magic I feel this gives the player a great deal of choice as to the way he completes the game and as such provides excellent replay value. In Unepic, magic works a lot like it does in skyrim. There are spell tomes which you can learn new spells from, scrolls for one time spell use and an energy system similar to skyrim's mana system. The only difference is the essence needed to cast each spell needs to be picked up from monsters or bought in shops. One of my personal favourite aspects of Unepic is the logic system it uses during combat. For example, Fire spells do extra damage to ice creatures and swords do more damage to creatures that bleed. This system is consistently kept up throughout the game and makes it all the more immersive as well as rewarding tactical play.

   The art style in the game is very unique. The graphics are impressive and the system of lighting up each room as you progress is engaging and compliments the art style very nicely. However the resolution in the game is very strange making it annoying to play in full screen, so windowed mode is recommended. The game has a large set of options and allows you to remap your keys which is always good.

   Unepic without a doubt is a brilliant game. The amount of depth the RPG aspect of the game goes into is very impressive. The art style is beautiful, the music is decent but can get annoying at times, but the combat really is excellent. It's so simple but it's very fun and looks incredible too. The game can be purchased at http://unepicgame.com . The price ranges from 6.50 Euros to 19.5 Euros depending on how much you feel the game is worth. I feel the game is a definite purchase for any RPG fan. Unepic in my opinion, in terms of enjoyment and value for money could rival some of the biggest releases of last year.