Angry Birds Space
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Angry Birds Space is the latest and the fourth installement for the Angry Birds Series. This has been developed and published by Rovio Mobile in March 2012. Angry Birds Space has been launched for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac and for Windows Mobile. Angry Bird Space initially comes with 30 different kinds of levels that are difficult and really enjoyable.

The game starts off by green piggies stealing eggies from our tiny cute little birdie friends. Now it's time for our birdie freinds to get serious and take their stolen eggies back from green piggies. Now it's your job to use the sling shotie to throw birds at the green piggies, and kill them. you only gets limited amount of birdies to throw at them, I think they limit the amount of birdies obviously because birdies don't want to lose lots of their friends at one time. Piggies won't make them that easy to kill, they wear armors and they hide in covers, which makes the game really difficult to kill them.

Angry Birds Space has been improved in many different ways. Rovio has worked really hard on this game and they've succeeded it. They've made this game to give the player a real feeling of how the space looks like and feels like. Not just that, they've even made their web page looks awesome, Check it out from here. Here are some things that I've noticed in the game.

1. Through the whole game, Pigs are floating with bubbles covering them in the main menu and level select menu, when you touch them they're going to freeze and they'll die after that.

2. New level page scrolling effect, and stars that are connected to each level button are shaking when you scroll through pages. It depends on how fast you scroll through pages.

3. Moving clouds and rocks everywhere.

I didn't notice any new birds added to Angry Birds Space except the Ice Bird, but all the birds have been modified from other previous installements of Angry Birds. Here is what I noticed about birds when you compare them to the birds in previous installements.

1. Red Bird that was in the previous Angry Birds installements is now wearing a cool looking glasses.

2. Red big bird that was in other prevous Angry Birds installements is now green colour instead of red.

3. Blue tiny birds that was in previous Angry Birds installements is now wearing some kind of headband, I guess.

Here are only some of them, there are lots more. Not just the appearence that has been modified, they have even modified some of they're abilities too.

I would recommend this game for almost, anybody. If you played previous Angry Birds installements, try this one out or you'll miss the awesomeness of this one. Anybody who likes played games like Bejeweled, Zuma will like this game for sure, there is no doubt about it.

System Requirements for this game is not that high as games like Battlefield 3 and Witcher 2. Any low end system can handle this game very smoothly. I ran it on very low end computer and it ran this game perfectly fine, so I won't expect many people will have trouble running this game very smoothly. Also, there are no graphical settings to configure on this game. you can visit our Angry Birds Space page from here, there you can discuss more about this game, check how well your system runs Angry Birds Space, see how other members play this game, find mods and patches that has been released for this game and lots more.

Overall I give this game a rating of 10 out of 10 because this game has stunning graphics, effects, music and gameplay, which gives you a real feeling of how the space feels and looks like. This game is just awesome, worth a try.

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