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Never was it more satisfying to shoot a guard then hide him in a locker.

I picked up this game in my local GAME outlet not really knowing what to expect. Sure, I'd heard about it in a ps2 magazine, but i also heard that PC versions of those games were shoddy, unfinished and bad. I bought it, seeing as it waas dirt cheap, expecting the worst. I put it in my drive, and rather shocked, found it was 7.56 GB. Keep in mind this game was released in 2003, so that was still a fair amount of space back then. I installed it and clicking on the icon, expected the worst. This was at 8:30 PM. When i next looked up it was midnight and i just hadn't noticed. That's how good this game is. It sucks you in like a black hole. Its plot is phenomenal, its script is exceptional and the gameplay is off the scale of awesome. Never was it more satisfying to shoot a guard then hide his sleeping (or dead) body in a locker. My only qualm is that, as i was on a keyboard, the controls were quite fiddly, especially using the hf blade, but find a gamepad, and this is certainly a game worth playing.

...Its plot is phenomenal...