Never Ending Fun!

As we all know in the gaming world, we use different types of vehicles for different types of jobs. Muscle - Destroying things, Tuners - Travel to different places faster as you can, but can be destroyed very quick, Exotics - To show off, Bikes - To travel fast as you can and the Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is a game where all these different types of vehicles get settled off. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is a different version of Burnout Paradise that is meant for all the PC gaming crowd out there.

Burnout Paradise is originally released on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Later on, they've expanded the game with several downloadable packs. All the downloadable content packs released so far are, day and night cycle, Burnout Party Pack, motorcycles, dynamic weather, new online game play modes has been built into the Ultimate Box version for PC.

This whole game takes place in a fictional city called the Paradise City where everything gets smashed, discover routes that haven't been discovered before, no pedestrians and just plain brutal. As you know, you need a license to drive, that's why you'll get a special license that you can upgrade as you win events. If you have a built in or a USB camera, you can take your own picture and place it in your license. There are different types of event all around the city, where ever you go. Events like, Marked Man (Get to finished line alive, while other racers trying to smash your car), Road Rage (Destroy a limit of cars or bikes within the time limit), Races, Stunt Races, and Burning Route. In each race, you have to find your own way around to the finish line, so getting lost considered as a normal in this game. Also, different types of cars are useful for different game types. All the cars fall into different categories and each type is useful for different types of events. Categories like, Stunt, Aggressive, Speed.

The Free Rom is absolutely gorgeous. You don't have to access to your main menu to start a event, you can just drive into the event while you exploring the city. Your G.P.S. will help you to show you all the events that you can go for. If you're wondering, what if you ran out of fuel or your car get crashed?, There are also refilling stations and places that you can repair your car or your motorcycle,

In the game, you don't just unlock cars or bikes, you have to earn them. You have to destroy/damage the car  that you want and they will be sent to the Junk Yard. Now, What's the Junk Yard? Junk Yard is a special place where the all cars that have been damaged being delivered, and if you damage the car you want it is going to delivered to here.

Now it's time for my favorite part of this game, which is the Music. Songs that are used in this game are absolutely adorable. You'll here "Paradise City" song by Guns N' Roses, every time when you visit the main menu or while you're playing the game, and that song is just awesome. This is why do I love EA Trax, EA Trax is a program that offers the hottest songs from the hottest artists for EA games to keep them cool.

There is a mode called "Show Time", which allows you to have fun while you are in the Free Rom, you can access it any where at any time. In show time mode, you have to bounce your car and hit other vehicles to gain points. Also, the Party Pack, another awesome feature. With the Party Pack you can gather up all your friends and play against each other in a one screen. Party Pack features 3 different types of play modes and maximum amount of eight players. This is perfect for a birth day party or a any kind of party.

System Requirements for this game are not that steep. Most likely all the lower-end systems should be able to run this. Change the graphics settings to what ever you like. Also, the resolution too. I would recommend this game to a any racing game fan out there.



1. Crashes are a lot realistic than in any other racing game.

2. Open world and lots of achievements to unlock.

3. Graphics are absolutely gorgeous, well done with the shadows and reflections.



1. There are no options or a place to customize/modify your car.


I'll giving this game a 9.5 out of 10 rating. Considering my Pros and Cons. Game is just truly realistic. Try this one out, you'll just love it.

Crashes are considered as perfeclty normal in this game