Activision seems to still be sticking with a policy of presenting a series of Call of Duty every year. Although it does not bring many new things to each series per year, a franchise that is still capable of generating a fantastic level of sales, thanks to the tremendous base of fans. How about this in 2012? Not a lot of different things for this year. After rumors had circulated in the form in recent weeks, Activision has finally officially announced the latest Call of Duty series.

Through an official website, a countdown to the new series has already started. There has been no official statement Call of Duty series what will be presented for this year, although its design presents a strong indication to support the rumors that had been there. Absolutely, this site's design seems to be no official confirmation of the presence of the latest Call of Duty series from the series Black Ops that are synonymous with black and gray. So when are we going to get assurance from Activision? For those of you who've been waiting so long, all the mystery will be open on the 1st of May.

Is this the year 2012 will be the year for the presence of Black Ops 2? May 1 wi