Dark Souls
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Dark Souls for the Xbox 360 is a very unique role-playing game (RPG). It has a very large, diverse, and interconnected

world. The world is really cool varying from a large ruined castle to dark forest all created with very high detail. The game

has many classes to choose from including knight, cleric, thief, and pyromancer to name a few, giving it high replay

value. The object of the game is to clear each of the areas and defeat the boss at the end, this allows you to progress to

the next area. There are no specific quests to follow it is just a free roam and figure it out yourself type game making it

quite rewarding when you manage to clear an area boss. Dark Souls is very very hard and must be played carefully or you

will die and have to start the area over again, even an experienced player, like myself (I have over 200 hours played),

can die to easy enemies if they are careless. The player vs player system is also fun and satisifying when you manage to

beat a fellow player online. The game little to no bugs that I found aside from one laggy area called "Blighttown" making

it a very smooth game overall. This is a must have for all RPG fans.