Yao Gai isnt very friendly when you shoot it in the head

Finally Honest Hearts was released, but does it succeed to impress us after the somehow disappointing Dead Money?


Well, first of all the DLC raises the level cap by 5, which is always a good thing. Honest hearts takes us to the beautiful regions of Utah's Zion National Park, the place is huge, there are lots of areas to explore, and fast travel is back again after its disappearance in Dead Money.

The one thing that really impressed me was the weather effects, It felt really good when it started to rain while I was exploring the park at dawn. It's good that the developers actually listened to what the critics had to say in their previous experiences.

As for the story, it wasn't anywhere near linear, but at some points I felt it was boring more than challenging and at the end of a quest, I felt a grim satisfaction instead of the enjoyment I was digging for.
Don't get me wrong, the story is gripping at some points, but if you're buying the DLC just for the storyline, you WILL be disappointed.


Well, as I said before the story isn't linear, but still it felt lifeless and sluggish most of the time, and at the end I was just completing the quests so I would hurry back to the vast Mojave wasteland.

The enemies were pretty much the same, killing stupid geckos and raiding local tribes is still enjoyable though, and I liked the .45 Pistol.

Before you start the journey, you have to ditch all your companions (You DO get companions during the game, but they are just temporary), also you have to carry a certain weight with you, which will force you to get rid of some of your precious guns


The DLC wasn't really a masterpiece, the story was as good as twilight and the DLC felt overall kind of boring.
Still if you choose to ignore the storyline, there is much fun to be had, the breathtaking environments to visit and the level cap and new perks available makes the game tempting to buy.

Joshua cleaning his .45 Pistols