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Should I shoot him or not?

Wolfteam is great add on to the MMOFPS genre. Wolfteam is a unique tactical FPS game that does something every first person shooter game won't do, and that is you can turn to a powerful armored wolf from an standard marine with just one click of a button. With it's uniqueness Wolfteam turned out to be one of the most popular games on MMOFPS genre.


Why would I want change into a wolf, while I can just shoot the enemy while being a marine?

Well, wolves are used for melee attacks and for traveling because wolf can jump more than 3 times higher than a Marine. Marines can be used for shooting at your enemy. Wolf's armor is lot powerful than a marine, so they can stay alive for a lot longer time than a marine. Not just that, wolf's can recharge their health by roaring and they can climb walls. Wolf's can come in handy sometimes. For Example: Enemy is shooting at you while you're reloading your gun. This is where wolf comes in handy, you can change into a wolf and kill them with your melee attack or you can just die.

Hmm... sounds cool, tell me more about the game?

Wolfteam is a multiplayer only game. In Wolfteam, there are different channels for different levels of players, For Example: New Players Channel - For people who are new to Wolfteam, Global Channel - For people who are gotten hang of this game. Also, there are tutorials avilable for people who are new to this game, too. Wolfteam has lots of different types of game play modes. Some of them are intensive, while others are quite easy and all the game play modes are team based which means you have to stick with your team. Maps on this game are pretty awesome, and they are a bit small compared to other MMOFPS games. Let me go through some available game play modes for this game,


  • Conquest - In this mode you have to capture all the five bases or many as you can within the time limit in order to win. Conquest is divided between three different sub types,

           1. Conquest Classic -Players on both teams can transform between the basic Wolf and the Marine.
           2. Wolf Conquest - Red team is restricted from transforming into a marine, while Blue team can.
           3. Ex- Conquest - Players on both teams can change between marine and unrestricted wolf forms.

  • Deathmatch - Team score the highest amount of kills wins.
  • Ice Hold - Kill all the enemy in the opposite team within the time limit.
  • Destruction - In this game play mode, one team is trying to plant the bomb on one of the sites out of two sites while other team is defending them from planting it.

How about graphics?

Graphics on this game are actually quite good. Compared to most of the recent shooters the graphics on this game are most likely on low level. they are 3D and they are not demading as in Battlefield 3 more like Cross Fire looking. Actually, when a game has impressive game play, why worry about it's graphics?


That's it?

Another great thing on the game is character customization. You can customize your character by purchasing items from the store. You can customize wolves with tattoos and marines with clothes. Wolfteam also has a great ranking system, each player starts off by the rank 1, which is Recruit. You can rank up by earning Exp. Exp will be rewarded at the end of each match you play. This game has it's own type of combo, headshot, etc,.. display system. For Example: It yells when you get a headshot while showing a skull with a arrow gone through (As I remeber) on your right side of the screen like this "HEADSHOT!". I'm warning you, if you're using a headphone like me, turn down your volume a little bit or your ear might get hurt.


FPS stand for First Person Shooter

There is a huge collection of guns that are available to purchase on the store, and they're not free. You have to pay Wolf Coins in order to purchase. You can earn free Wolf Coins by completing surveys that are available on their home site. There are different varieties of guns, sniper rifles, shot guns, assault rifles, pistols and lot more. Some of them are powerful while others are weak. For wolves, you can buy tattoos, tattoos that have different abilities. Some of the tattoos will increase your attacking power and some of them gives you really cool feature. For Example: Kill your enemy from a bit far away without touching them, but wolves cannot use guns. Bad side of this game as a FPS game is, you cannot aim down sight, which is pretty much on most of the shooter genre games.


How are the sounds on this game?

Well, sounds on this game are really cool. This game even has a cool background music, which makes you feel like you're really a wolf (for me, I think it will do the same to you) .Sounds on this game helps you to get in to the game. Each gun has a their own variety of sounds. You can even find your enemy by tracking their sounds. For Example: To recharge your wolf, you have to roar, and when you roar enemy can hear you, so they'll track you down and kill you.


Can I Run it?

This game is playable on most of the systems from past few years. If you can run games like Combat Arms, you'll be able to run this game fine. The recommended system requirements are absolutely low-level. You can check if your system can run this game from here. I gets about 60 FPS while maxed out on my rig, which is a Core i3 370M with the HD i3 370M.




  • Lots of different game play modes
  • Huge weapon collection
  • Character customization



  • Small maps
  • Hackers!
  • Cannot aim down sight


Is this game worth it?

I'm sure you all heard this idiom before, "don't look at the gift horse in the mouth". Wolfteam is a free to play MMOFPS, which means you don't have to pay. The download size of the game is around 725MB, which is pretty small size for a game like this, so the game well worth the download.



As a reviewer, I'll give this game a 9 our 10 rating considering my Pros and Cons. This game is excellent. Lots of fun. There are some hackers you'll notice, and you'll hate them much as I do except that the game is awesome. If you've played large MMOFPS games like, Battlefield Play4Free, Combat Arms, Crossfire try this game you'll love it and this game is perfect for people who are new to the MMOFPS genre.


Ready for some hardcore?

If you're ready for some hardcore, add me as a friend: th3ult1mate. Well actually I'm not a professional player, you can come in front of me and shoot me in the head, but sometimes when I'm lucky I keep getting head shots with my favourite sniper rifle for now, which is the Stout T.

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