Things can get really crazy!

Haven't you ever wished for a Zombie Apocalypse? Where you get to travel with a group of people fighting endless hordes of zombies just for survival? Well, The Walking Dead does a very good job at making you live through that experience.

Without giving out too much, the story takes place in Georgia. Lee Everett, a convicted murderer but ironically a heroic and good person makes his way through after a car accident and meets a group of people, most of them with hatery among each other, some with hatery towards even you.

You'll have to make some of the hardest choices you ever made in a game, you'll be forced to pick sides and choose to save someone while watching the other's brain get munched. These actions effect how the end will be. But you can always play the game again and see different results.

The game is more of a point-and-click game, which I easily got used to after less than 10 minutes.

The voice making was amazing and overall sounded pretty good at all points.

The game's graphics are comic-style, more like Borderlands. It never felt outdated nor unrealistic though, which is something I frankly didn't expect.

The game handles pretty well too, low-end PC users could play this game easily with lowered settings (Poor people sing hallelujah), something that most modern games had sadly ignored.

The only problem I faced was the shuttering and two seconds lag between every couple of cut scenes or so, I easily looked past this issue, since I was busy fighting off zombies at these moments. But it's an issue worth mentioning and I hope it gets fixed in the upcoming episodes.

The camera angle was annoying, but I got used to it in no time. Not even worth mentioning.

Overall, the game was thrilling, well made and totally worth playing. The lag issue makes me a little hesitate to recommend it, but for the content you're getting, it's definitely worth to check out.

Graphics     8/10
Sounds        9/10
Gameplay   9/10
Overall        9/10

Sometimes, there are no guns around. Just pointy screwdrivers