Army Rage
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Its World War II knifing time!

World War II was ended long time ago. Nowadays, developers still make video games for people who missed the World War II to experience the World War II.


Army Rage is a 3D MMOFPS game that is based on the World War II with four different changeable classes, two sides and War. Army Rage contains lots of amazing World War II contents like, Weapons from World War II (Bazookas, Springfield s). I'm playing the open beta, and it still looks awesome, Everybody is hoping to see more improvements on the final release.


Time to play the game

Army Rage is a lot similar to games like, Battlefield Play4Free. There is no aim down sight, that makes this game a lot like Counter Strike. Not just that, there are tanks on this game that you can find on some maps. With these vehicles you can kill your enemy without wasting bullets on your weapons. There are four classes on this game like in Battlefield games, you can change them during each re spawn and they are, 


  • Assault - This class has moderate health and running speed. Can equip an Assault rifle as the primary weapon.
  • Scout - Low health but high accuracy, you can kill enemy just using an one bullet with this class. Can equip a sniper rifle as the primary weapon. Perfect class for taking down out enemy from the back and help your teammates.
  • Support - Heaviest class. This class is the slowest but has higher health. Can equip a Machine Gun as the primary weapon. Your job is to support your teammates.
  • Engineer - This class has Low health, but can mode faster. Can equip a sub machine gun or rocket launcher as the primary weapon. Also, important ability of this class is fixing/repairing vehicles.


Army Rage has 84 Levels to rank up, since this is open beta, there are only 60 Classes right now. You receives Experience points at the end of each match, there is a Experience limit that you've to reach to rank up.


Also. There are four different game play modes. Each game play mode different from one to another. Here are some of the game play modes that you can play as,


  • Team Deathmatch - In this game play mode, your goal is to kill many enemy as possible. Each enemy you kill counts as a 1 point, you need to reach the objective that displays on the top of your display to win the game. If enemy team reach the objective before you do, you lose.
  • Team Deathmatch (Special) - This game play mode is a lot similar to the mode that I've mentioned above, but with a limited weapon selection.
  • King of the Hill - In this game play mode, both teams are trying to take control over a one flag. Your team gets 1 point per every second your team hold on to the flag. Team to reach the target score wins.


Graphics with Awesomeness and Music with Epicness

You can describe the graphics on Army Rage with just using a one word, and that is Awesome. Compared to recent FPS games, this game has lower graphics but it still looks great as a free to play game. Now to the music, music on this game is pretty good. They make the game feel a lot like you're in the World War II.

Most of the actions you do on this game are realistic. For Example: When you sprint, you don't see your gun, it pushes down. When you prawn, you will see your gun in front of you.


Let's shop before the war starts

Army Rage has lots of cool weapons that you can purchase from the store. Also, you can customize your character from the store too. Upgrading your weapons will helps you a lot in the fight. There are no addons/mods for weapons, which is a bad side of this game. Also, there are limited amount of character customization.

Can I Run It?

You won't need a high-end system to run this game. Army Rage actually has low system requirements. Even my Intel Core i3 M370 and Intel HD M370 on max settings on 1366 x 768 resolution around 40 FPS. You can try our Can I Run tool for Army Rage from here.


  • Graphics are pretty impressive
  • Different game play modes
  • Great World War II Experience


  • No Aim Down Sight
  • No Weapons addons/mods

Overall and Recommended

This game is actually good. Graphics are great, music is awesome and the game play is amazing. If you've played games like, Battlefield Play4Free, Wolfteam, Combat Arms, Try this one, you are going to love this one for sure.

Spraying with a machine gun is awesome!