The Elder Scrolls V
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The fifth installment in the epic RPG series; skyrim is set in the fictional world of Cyrodiil allowing you to explore the province of Skyrim; the homeland of the Nords. Skyrim puts you in the shoes of the Dragonborn; alduin has risen and you are the only one who can put an end to the dragon threat, the question is; are you up to the task?


Based on the Creation Engine; skyrim is an open-world RPG which relies heavily on exploration, be it in the wilderness or the dungeons and it is during those times that you notice the graphical beauty of Skyrim. How a torch or spell lights up a dark dungeon, how the snowy winds get more violent while going higher up a mountain. Merely wandering in the wildernesses makes the fictional world of Skyrim seem peaceful. The graphical changes in the day-night circle are as exceptional as they are noticeable; the Aurora in the Night skies, small beams of sunlight filtering in through the windows; Simply fantastic. The character models also look good and the game doesn't look pixelated even at low settings.

RATING: 10/10


Gameplay, though repetitive, has enough juice to keep you hooked to your seat for hours even if you are a combat-hungry guy. Skyrim has a huge variety of weapons and spells as well as the option to play as a battle mage which gives the otherwise dull combat new life. More often than not, you find yourself in a dungeon facing draugrs and/or other creatures or people and hacking and slashing and then healing gets a tad boring but the enormous variety in Skyrim lets you overlook this feature. Once I didnt have access to healing potions and was low on both health and magicka while facing the Red Eagle; what allowed me to escape his grasp and win the battle was a quick potion that I had whipped up which boosted my health and stamina; complement that with a high damage poison that I put on my sword; I was able to take the bad boy down no problem. See what I mean?

RATING: 9/10


Quite possibly the best audio in any game ever released and the strongest aspect of Skyrim. The audio in Skyrim truly deserves the title "epic". Let's start with the background music; the music keeps on changing as you move in and out of battle but it really feels natural. The best part of the music plays out when not in combat. I often found myself pausing the game just to listen to a sound track. Some of the music is actually so entrancing, it's almost unreal for a game. Coming to voice acting, You can actually tell a lot about a character's attitude towards you while in conversation with them. The NPC acknowledge you as you walk past them and/or interact with you thanks to the radiant AI system. You can actually feel the urgency of a guard, the cunning of an argonian inside the audio itself, though sometimes you may have to listen closely. Bethesda has also hired some reputed people to voice the role of several NPCs which play an important role in the main quest. Simply Superb...

RATING: 10/10


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the pinnacle of perfection for open-world RPG's. A game which every RPG will be compared to. Bethesda really outdid themeslves and took it to the table this time. This is a must own/must play title. Some people just cannot get into this game and that's fine but if you haven't or don't plan to play this, You just don't know what you are missing.

OVERALL: 10/10