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Creative mode is always fun!

Brick-Force is a free to play sandbox style first person shooter game that has been developed by a EXE games and published by Infernum. Brick-Force has it's own unique game play style, that will amaze yourself. Brick-Force is a lot like a mixture between both Call of Duty and Minecraft games. Now, don't think this is a clone from any one of those games. Brick-Force is still on closed beta phrase, and I had lots of fun playing it. I've managed to buy some great stuff, like a sniper for me to shoot at my enemy. Brick-Force previously a Korean game, but now they have made it to fit in the North America, Europe, etc, ..


Let's dive in to the game

The whole game is divided between two major categories and they are, Battle mode - where you can shoot at your enemies and Creative mode - where you can build your own maps. In Creative mode, you can start your own map and add up to 8 players to your room. Rooms can be password locked or non password locked. Building a map is really easy, you can create stuff with left click and delete stuff with right click. After that you can play a battle on the map that you've created. This is why it's unique. Also in battle mode, there are different modes to play on like, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Defusion and Capture The Flag, which are really fun. Forgot to mention this before, you cannot aim down sight in Brick-Force.

While playing the game, I found lots of awesome maps like, Nuke Town map from Call of Duty: Black Ops, and lots more. This game is a great way of show off your creativity. There is also a tutorial for beginners to Brick-Force, which is really helpful.

Game is not violent as in most of the recent shooter titles. Simply, there is no blood. When you shooting at your enemy, there will be no blood but stars. This game is most likely suited for young gamers. Not really a hardcore game. Also, Brick-Force also has it's own ranking system.


It's Shopping time

In the store, there are lots of different interesting items that you can purchasing. To purchase this items, you'll need points and these points can be earned or bought with real money. Since I'm playing on the closed beta, there isn't lots of items to purchase, but still the items that they have in there is awesome. For guns they have, snipers, pistols, assault rifles and lot more. Character customization on this game is really good, you can add buy hats, shoes, clothes, etc, .....



Music on this game is really awesome. Sounds of the characters are really cool, they sounds like how a nine year old child speaks, which is cute, awesome and great. Also the background music is very classic and quite enjoyable. Gun sounds are well done too, each gun has it's own kind of sound. You can track down your enemy by foot steps, Sometimes while I was tracking someone, another one tracks me down and kill me, which is sad, but overall this game is well done with the Music.



You cannot customize your controls since this is the beta version (it might be available in the final release), but the controls are really simple. In battle mode, W, A, S, D keys are for moving, left click to shoot, right click to scope in (only if you have a sniper) and R for reloading. In creative mode, W, A, S, D to mode and left click to create an stuff and right click to delete stuff and move your mouse to move the camera and the aim. Basically, the controls are very simple and great.



Graphics are simple and addicting. They're non pixelated as in Minecraft. Not much demanding as in games like Battlefield 3 and Witcher II. There aren't many options to customize graphics yet, you only have a slider to customize your graphics settings and menu select the resolution. Compared to recent first person shooters, it's not that great, but considering this as a brick game it's great enough. It would be cool if this the final release is going to have lots of graphics options, that is user customizable.


Can I Run It?

Take in look at the system requirements, they aren't not steep at all, they are really low. I can ran this maxed out on my system which is Intel Core i3 M370 with the Intel HD i3 M370 without any problem. Since they are low, many gamers won't expect any problems running this. You can visit our Brick-Force Page to see how well your system will run this game and how well other systems runs this game.



  • Great way to show off your creativity
  • Clans and Clan Wars
  • Non steep system requirements
  • Non bloody, suitable for any audience


  • No aim down sight
  • Graphics could be a little bit better



As the overall, this game is great, worth a try. Since it's free, you have nothing to lose. This game is still on the beta phrase, so the final release is going to be a lot better for sure. I recommend this game to any first person shooter game fans out there, and any Minecraft Fans.

How to shoot at your enemy!