Phenomena that occur in the popularity of Call of Duty franchise may be somewhat unique. Why? Born from different developers like Infinity Ward and Treyach, COD routinely released every year is hardly a novelty present for each series, of course, in addition to a different setting and plot. On the other hand, competitors such as Battlefield 3 has been successfully proven themselves over the side of a more realistic gameplay and a feast for the eyes through the visualization engine Frostbite 2.0. Activision did not seem keen to follow a remarkable technical achievement, including for the latest serti - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Activision has announced that they will be using the old engine - id Tech 3 that has been used since 2005. Putting aside the demand of the fans, Treayach as the old engine developers feel that this alone is sufficient to facilitate the needs of visualization COD: Black Ops 2 and also maintain it in a comfortable framerate of 60 fps. However, previous COD series, Treyach course will modify this engine to be able to perform optimally and in accordance with current graphics development, while also satisfying the eyes of his fans. Treyach own plan to inject a variety of graphical features such as HDR lighting, bounce lighting, self-shadowing, and texture mapping techniques are new.

As one gamer who has consistently enjoyed a series of new COD every year, we believe that most of the fans who are fond of this franchise is not the kind of gamer who so deify assess the quality of graphics and a game just from that aspect alone. Why? Because like all the series that was born earlier, COD always departs from the power of stories and bring a dramatic experience that has not been replaced by other FPS games.

LET'S HOPE black ops will use old engine

Old graphic engine? Doesnt matter, had Call of Duty..