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The gta series has astonished us for the past years from the original Grand theft auto to the ultimately fun gta san andreas and now the newest gta around Gta iv, I see that the game is somewhat nice but needs total tweaking for all the bugs that it has to offer including slow loading textures,gray buildings and roads and very unsatisfactorial AA for that matter.But above all of those bugs,to my opinion its fun, the city of liberty is very alive specially at night when clubs are bouncing to the music just like in The balld of gay tony and the rough side of the city in The lost and the damned.You can shoot people like any other gta,blow up cars.steal them and even have a good time with hookers. The storyline is very nice and interconnected with its dlcs (tbogt and tlatd)....Overall if youre into more action but doesnt seem to mind graphics then this game is a good choice for you but if your a graphical gamer (which i like to call it) who likes to combine intense graphical surroundings with the action of your game then you may doubt this game but atleast take a try ;)