Battlefield 4
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 Battlefield has made a long run since 2002 with its first release the Battlefield 1942 up to the newest Battlefield 3, also many years they've been competeting against Activision's Call of Duty, sometimes the other side wins and the other wins but this year and the past year after the release of Battlefield 3, many players amazed after EA showed of its game engine Frosbite 2 and also another release from Activision, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 did not get too much attention because of some dissapointments, but after that, I think Activision will have its "revenge", next year we will be waiting for another release of Battlefield and Call of Duty, which is called Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2, in the next year will see if Battlefield will be the winner again or Call of Duty will be the winner in 2013, but after the release of EA games, many gamers expect that Battlefield will be the winner, because of its game engine I expect that they will be updating it and for me, its obvious that activision will also update their game engine to make the game's graphics more realistic, but for me I really love both of the games, I just play them for entertainment. But not only 2 of them is the best fps games around, and also good to play, but these games are doing their best to be the first in the fps gaming industry. 

 Battlefield 4, what I really expect is they'll be using Frosbite 2.1 or 3 engine in the future and I expect that it will be better than any other shooting games. But we don't to forget COD because one day we didn't know but they are making this game the best than any other, so we just have to wait and play the new releases this year and also wait for the announcements about the game.

 But guys if you expect that there will be no Battlefield 4, you're wrong. Because Electronic Art's president Frank Gibeau, said that " There will be Battlefield 4" so don't think it will not happen guys because it WILL happen.

 Also Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will also happen, and is in development for a 2012 release so we'll expect to play Cod first than Battlefield.


That's all guys, thanks for reading my article!