Angry Birds
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Well I always wanted to review this game now angry birds have become one of the popular and most downloaded game ever all thanks to Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile.They have created one of the most simple yet great game for both moblies and for PC.The game is so simple even grandparents and their grandchildren will this game together and have a wonderful time.

You may have read many bird stories but have u heard about the ANGRY BIRDS story okay here we go once upon a time there lived a group of birds with their layed egg they were very happy that’s until those PIGS stole their layed eggs.And you know what you would do the birds angry I mean really angry the only thing in their mind is to kill those PIGS and get their eggs back.

Well gameplay is simple you have slingshot to shot the angry birds at the pigs but its not that simple those pigs are protected by various types of structures and objects like wood,ice,stone etc now in the begining only the red bird is available to player.But as we advances through the game we unlock different varity of birds and each bird has its own speciality

The yellow bird can increase its speed while its airborn but the player has to activate it in PC how to activate it simple just click the mouse button and BOOM the yellow bird rockets into the PIGS which is sheltered by structures sometimes the green pigs are found under rocks and in the gaps between structures hitting them with the birds directly is almost impposible but hey there are other ways to kill them we can just hit the materials above them and it will fall on the heads of the pigs killing them instantly.

Other than the Yellow bird there are other birds with different ablities the blue bird can separate into three small birds and the Black bird explodes leaveing a destructive path behind it so its possible to kill all of the pigs with one shot and the White bird drops a explosive egg.

But still there are some spots were are birds can’t go but there are few item that can help us for example in some of the levels there is crates of TNT if we hit it then its KABOOM all pigs turned to BACON.But the pigs have tricks up its sleeve they can wear a helmet which acts like armor and pigs are of different sizes thers are smaller one and there are bigger one the smaller are easy to kill but the bigger pigs can take more damage but hardest pig to kill is the one with the crown and the pig with the moustache.

But still if you can hit them with the birds you can kill it easily indeed well that’s all about gameplay.Well all of this was one mans idea Jaakko Iisalo the lead designer at ROVIO invented the idea of the angry birds even though ROVIO has made 51 games before  angry birds none of them made that much of a impact as angry birds did.

Now I remember reading an article in book about angry birds Peter Vesterbacka Rovio’s chief marketing officer said that “Each time a new game was finished,we made our friendsand families test it first by giving it to them on a phone.Usually they returned the phone quite soon with a comment like “it was all right”.When we gave them angry birds for testing ,no one wanted to give up their test phones.They just wanted to keep playing.”

Well I would say that’s one lucky family well its easy to start playing angry birds but its difficult to stop playing it.Well guys final verdict is if you miss this game don’t call yourself as gamers this a absolute gem.

STORY : 9.5/10

Gameplay  :10/10

Graphics : 9.5/10

Overall    : 10/10 

                                                                 A FLOCK OF ANGRY BIRDS INDEED 

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