Assassins Creed 2
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Dual hidden blades.What could be better than that?

This game was the best game I played in the last 4 years.I started to play it for the third time and i still love it.The game is very fluid,the story has a good sense and everything is good quality.


The game offers more liberty than the first game.Moving around the cities are really easy with the new skills and the fighting is taken to a new level.I fought with 5 guards and it took me less than a minute to take them all out.The new skills are fitting like a glove for Ezio because he can do almost anything.The game isn't limited to anything because it offers so many things that you can't get bored.I love it and everything it has makes it good.


The graphics are godlike for facial moves.Everything the characters say can be seen on their faces and on their lips.Also,the environment looks great and the light effects are very good.The cities are textured to look like real and most buildings look like their were made from scratch.I loved the graphics it offered and even today,they look good when you put everything on ultra,but i can't because my computer isn't so strong.


The story is very implemented because everything that happens makes the game work like a real story.The life of Ezio is something that many only dream off,and how begins his story of becoming the best assassin is the best story I ever played and I enjoyed every moment of the story.


I didn't play much because my internet speed is very slow but i played enough to say that it can be very funny and it can make you lose your time enjoying yourself.Playing alongside other players is great and the fun it offers is huge.I recommend playing it to see how it is and i'm sure you'l like it.

In conclusion,Assassins Creed 2 is a very good game because it offers much and it won't make you feel bored.All missions,secondary missions,viewpoints,collectibles,the villa and the story,make this game one of the best games ever.I will play it many times I'm sure i won't get bored anytime soon.

And again,the odds are against you but you will win.