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In most of the zombie games, you have to shoot at your zombies with guns, but Brawl Busters are here to say good bye to those traditional shot guns, pistols and sniper rifles and bring the sport equipments to fight them and make the fight fair. This is BRAWL BUSTERS.

Brawl Buster is a fun third person action type game with lots of zombies and a great multiplayer mode. This game is pretty similar to the Team Fortress 2. This game is from the group that previously brought the game named, Micro Volts.

First of all, the part where I download and install the game wasn't so good. Let me tell you what happened. I went to Steam and started to download the game, waited for around 1 hour till it finishes download. After that I double clicked on the game with the hope that it will run on my system awesomely. Launcher came up, and I clicked the "Login And Start Game" button, but *DARN* it wasn't working, it's like a dummy button (are they thinking we're dummies or something), I clicked and clicked it for hours and hours, went through forums and finally figured out everybody who downloaded it from Steam has the same problem! Now, right away I started downloading again from a torrent and as the final result it worked. Phew... this was really disappointing about the developers of this game this made me lower the rating for the game, but finally I managed to get it working, so now enough about these bad sides of the game, let's get to the game, after all I got the game working,

You get to kick in to the game with by creating a character, first you have to pick your characters look. you can add customize the character later while you're in the game. Then, you need to pick your class, there are 5 different classes to pick from, you can unlock other classes later, and change your character in to it any time you want. 5 classes in the game are,


  • Sluggers - Sluggers features long range attacks. As the weapon, this class uses a baseball bat and baseballs. Primary attack of this class is swinging the baseball bat to hit enemy, and as the secondary this class is guided baseballs that has been launched with their baseball bat. Also, as the special attack, hitting the enemy with their super charged baseball bat. As the weaknesses of Sluggers, they can't move fast because of the baseball that they carry and have low HP.
  • Firefighters - Normally, a job of firefighters are to prevent a fire, but in this game firefighters are not for preventing fire, they are for killing enemy. Firefighters features medium range attacks. As the first primary attack this classes, they uses a water blast from their fire horse to kill their enemy, as the secondary, a long range water attack as I remembered. Finally, as the special attack, these class players can make temporarily barriers to block the enemy form getting them, which is not really a attack but a defense. As the weakness of this class, they can't move fast because they have a huge water horse to carry.
  • Rockers - Rockers features the fast movement. As the weapon, these class users uses a guitar, which is awesome for music lovers. As the primary attack, these class players can hit their enemy with their guitar. As the secondary attacks, hit their enemy with a musical chords that is made by their guitars. Finally, we have the special attack they can clear a whole area with smashing on it.
  • Boxers - I'm sure the word "Boxers" reminds you of Boxing, and not the cloth type or the type of dogs, since I'm talking about an action game. This class features fast attacking speed. All the players on this classes equipped with a pair of boxing gloves. As the primary attack of this class, punching at their enemy. As the secondary attack, they can charge at their enemy with their first, Finally, we have the special attacks as a punch that travel through wind and hit the enemy, which is pretty cool. As the weakness this class players has low HP.
  • Blitzers - This class is just super. all the players on this class are equipped with a football. As the primary attack for this class, we've the punch with their hands and with the football. As the secondary we've got a pretty powerful slam, and as the special attack a huge slam that is bigger than the secondary. Blitzers' attacking speed is slow.


Now, to the graphics, graphics on this game are quite good. Graphics fits into this game perfectly fine. There isn't much options to customize your graphics. There are only two options to customize your graphics, and they are your graphics quality (where you decide the games settings that you want to run on, for example, high, medium, etc, ...) and the screen resolution.

Only few Free 2 Play games provide a single player experience with a game. Brawl Busters has a small, tutorial, single player, which is awesome. In the single player, you get to practice with all the classes and after you playing it, you'll get the hang of this game in no time. This tutorial mode has only few levels, they're fun, but not fun as the multiplayer.

It's time for the big part of the game, which is THE MULTIPLAYER MODE. There are five different game play modes, and they are fun. They're Zombie Survival, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Glow Rush, Boss Battle. You have to play to find how those modes are.

Store is a great place to customize your character, buy new upgrades to your weapons, and strengths and lot more. You can make your character from where you are to super cool. Some of the weapons that is on the store doesn't look like what they're in the picture. For Example: I bought a cricket bat but it looks like baseball bat. What the? Let's put a period in here.

Now to the music and sounds. Music on the whole game is cheering type once. Quality of the sounds inside the game is really good too. Tricking down your enemy in a free for all game mode type is fun with sound on, you can hear your enemy walking and then kill them easily. This makes the sounds a really big part of this game.

System Requirements for this game is actually quite low, most of the low end systems should be able to run it quite acceptable frame rate. Visit our Brawl Buster page to see if you can run it or not.



  • Different Classes
  • Graphics are pretty good compared to as a Free 2 Play game
  • Well done with the music


  • Problems with the launcher!!!
  • Pictures of the weapons on the store doesn't look it, after buying them.


As the final, I'm giving this game a rating of 8 considering my pros and cons. I would recommend any one to try this game, it's really fun. This game is perfect for zombie horror game fans. The game is worth downloading, try it and you'll love it.

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