Dead Space II
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Dead Space 2: Review

Story: In Dead Space 2 you play again as the tragic hero from the original Dead Space Isaac Clarke. After escaping the events from the original game, you now find yourself waking up in a hospital on Titan Station, an Earth Gov metropolis. This time Isaac is fully voiced and is mentally unstable making him see things that aren't real. The story starts of very strong, but weakens towards the centre of the game, but manages to get better towards the end, with a nice ending. Because of Isaac's illness, caused by the events of Dead Space 1, you see horror's that aren't real and this really shows you that Isaac's slowly turning mad and losing control.

Gameplay: The game is a over the head 3rd person shooter, like it's predecessor, but has a few extra's such as telekenisis, a tool which let's you grab and shoot things from a distance and stasis a handy tool to slow down enemies or envirionments. Unlike Dead Space 1 which is centered in the USG Ishimura, Dead Space 2 has a lot of different variations: you'll come across schools, stations, shopping malls, churches and spaceships. This makes the game a lot more interesting as the settings are varied and you get the sence that you're really trying to escape. As excepted Dead Space 2 is a scary game and this was made by the dark and bloody environments that really give the game it's haunting factor. Yet the thing that bugs me is that the game is perhaps a bit too linear. I don't mind linear, but it just would've been much nicer to be able to explore the world a bit. Another remark is on the horror element. Even though the environments are creepy as hell the game isn't as scary as it could be. The games real scares are primarily jump scares, while fine, they won't be scary a second playthrough. Even though the setting is scary, you'll never feel helpless because the game provides big weapons with enough ammuntion and health packes, thus removing the sence of vulnerability, unless you encounter 3 billion enemies at the same time, which happens sometimes. In my opinion:the game would've been scarier, if it wouldn't have placed so much ammo and health packs. Don't get me wrong:the game is scary, I'm just ssaying it could've been worse, the scares that is. What I thought was truly great about the game was that the game would continuously give you a badass feeling. The game has a lot of moments with either great cut scenes or let's you do crazy stuff, rest assured, no spoilers. The sequel has a few new weapons and Necromorphs which also make the game nicer, but nothing too special about them.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are truly amazing, the level of detail isn't amazing, but I'm quite sure I don't need to see more blood. The light effects are really great and greatly contributes to the overal feeling of the game. Overal: great graphics.

Sound: Like the graphics, the sound is great and also knows to make the mood even scarier. It's never pleasant when you're hearing a Necromorph crawling in a air vent above you. I've got to give credit for the sound of the new Necromorph: the Stalker. It's screams are absolutely frightening and always give me the shivers when hearing them.

Summary: Dead Space 2 is a great sequel with a great horror theme and a nice story, even though there are a few glitches, there's nothing that ruins the experience. At the end of the game I have to say that it was one hell of a ride and that the game was absolutely brutal and a total badass.