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Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven admittedly is one of the two biggest football game franchise in the gaming industry. Born from the cold hands of Konami, PES series manages to be the most successful and dominating most of the gaming market in the world, until at last, must bow in the hands of FIFA 12 years ago. PES 2013 is not just a course preparing for the highly anticipated, Konami has even had a vision of the PES in the future. A mission and vision to recapture the hearts of gamers with the weapons now being developed by the genius - Hideo Kojima. To ensure exceptional visual quality for Pro Evolution Soccer in the future (and of course to rival FIFA renowned for the quality of the graphics are gorgeous), Konami began to explore the probability of using the latest engine Kojima - Fox Engine as a development base. Naoya Hatsumi, senior producer of PES states that the engines will be the main weapon for restoring the dominance of the PES as the world's most popular football game. It would still be a vision and mission for the PES, since Hatsumi insists that this option will be applied to the PES to be released on next generation consoles in the future. Wow!

Fox Engine itself has proved itself through a variety of charming demo. With the ability to produce a variety of visualization and a very realistic effect, Fox Engine may be the answer that had been sought by the PES, especially for the defeat and draw the attention of lovers of football players of EA's franchise - FIFA. If we talk about the next generation console, the EA would not be idle. They would develop a new engine for FIFA that comes with a similar goal, the pursuit of visualization as realistic as possible. PES VS FIFA on next-gen console? Would certainly be an interesting competition to follow.

it must be better with fox engine

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