CryEngine 3.4

As anaunced Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is running on a whole other engine than in the first version.

CryEngine 3.4 has animations as good as Frostbite 2, Great destruction and good graphics.

The CryEngine is also used in Crysis as we all know. 

It has a powerful boost to get great detailed visuals and textures and ofcourse.

But away from the engine itself Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 begins with a flashback mission in Bosnia you have  only 4 bullets in your pistol and you need to find your ammunition.

The new option called: Stealth kill is useable in this game now too and the storyline is gonna be great the multiplayer shall be kinda the same as the first version.

but thanks to CryEngine 3 you gameworld of Sniper Ghost Warrior will chance but I am surprised that you don`t need much for the game.

This gamereview was written by:junkyjohn14.

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