Max Payne 3
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Hey guy's Roley4498 here with my my single player review, Max Payne 3 ( no spoilers )

Introduction : Well guys from the off this game is slick, real effort has been made to make this game ooze A grade quality. The little thing's like when the character's talk and certain words pop up on the screen like a hidden message, through to the quit game option where you're propersitioned with a moral choice, this game is about as cool as it get's.

Story : Dark moody and gritty to sum up, not gonna reveal too much (or anything really) but this is typical Max Payne's ' it's all gone wrong '. The story is told with great narritive and cinematic's. 10/10

Graphics : In a word, stunning, really is like playing a movie and right up there with The Witcher 2 and in some way's surpasses, the level of detail is fantastic from the characters themselves to the animation's, everything is stylish and well polished. Set piece gun fights take place in a varity of well detailed areas from nightclubs to rooftops to stadiums and many more.  10/10

Sound : Perfectly implemented music that really add's to the atomsphere, from the slow build up's to the gunfights to the pumping beats as you lay waste to many. The voice acting is second to none as i said it's like watching a movie, weather its verbal assualt from the enemy or the dark dry humour of Max the sound and voice acting are brilliant throughout. 10/10

Gameplay : This is where the game really shine's, the euphoria physics engine used is astoundingly realistid, where ever the enemy is shot, what weapon is used and what action the enemy is performing will give different results when he dies. then there's the bullet time, giving maximum brutality kills, the game is ultra violent, i slow timed my bullet into the enemies face and watched his jaw come off, i then fired a further 3-4 shots ( still in slow motion ) and watched him lose the rest of his face, never seen anything like this in a game.

Max Payne 3 uses the good old hide and use cover system too for stealth but be aware the enemy ain't so stupid and will attempt to flank you as soon as possible to add to the mayhem, and failing that then it's grenades inbound !! Every gun fight is a pleasure to fight through and you'll be wanting more and more in which case this game delivers time and time again. the game also has hidden gun parts to collect to keep you exploring and lots to interact with within the game ( TV's , pianos and evidence) not to mention the achievments for number of arm shots, leg shots through to time in bullet mod. 10/10

Conclusion : As single player action games go, this is top of them all and lenghty too with plenty of replay value ( weapon parts to collect and harder difficulty modes ) i highly recommend this game to everyone ( 18 and above ) as this is a masterpiece, not just a game but an experiance.  10/10

Final notes : Yes i played on max settings but be aware the graphic's didn't make this game the gameplay did.  :D