Family Guy Online
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Nowadays, not many people play browser based games except some, since they're old and not graphically attractive. In other hand, they comes in handy sometimes since they don't require any installation, you only need a browser to play them.

Well, Twentieth Century Fox, Roadhouse Interactive and ACRONYM Games have managed to pull out a browser based  MMORPG game using a 13 year old animated television series that is still popular and it's still popular named, "Family Guy Online". Family Guy Online is based on the  Family Guy animated television series that is been out for 13 years, started at 1999 till now ,many of you have watched, at least one episode from this cartoon, if not  after you playing this game, you'll watch one or all of it for sure.

I have been playing this game for a while, and even if I wasn't a MMORPG fan, I loved this one. It was a bit hard to get used to the quest system since I'm a big fan of the FPS genre. 

Family Guy Online is a quest based game, like Skyrim but with cartoon 3D graphics. The cartoon 3D graphics make the game a lot similar to the cartoon itself. This game is based on Unity Engine, which has been previously used in games like, Wasteland 2, Battlestar Galactica Online.

Since this game is still in Open Beta stage, the game has it's own registration system, after you register for the game, you need to wait till Mayor West's special message with the key to the Quahog city to play the game, which is pretty cool for a game like this.

Now back to the game, game starts off by choosing a character to play as, since it's a MMORPG game. At the beginning you get two character slots, and you can unlock others later. The characters you can choose are more like a class based system. Class based system meaning the characters have weaknesses, strengths; you're able play the game as Stewie, Brian, Meg & Chris , Peter, and Louis, Brian is not unlocked at the beginning of the game, which means you've to unlock it by yourself, and also, Meg and Chris comes as a combined character set.

After choosing your character, you can customize them. Customization in the game is not that bad. You can customize your character's, skin color, eyes, mouth, nose, almost everything and the name.

After customizing your character, you're ready to go to the Quahog city. Quahog is a beautiful city with lots of people. Everybody has their own life's to live. You job is to do quests. Pretty much after each quest, there are little fun cut scenes from the original cartoon that you can watch while in the game. All the quests are a lot related to the Family Guy cartoon series.

Controls on this game are pretty much basic controls, W, A, S, D to move and right mouse button to use/talk, space bar to jump, and if you have a scroll wheel, you can use it to change the depth of the camera and the character. Also, there is a mini map that you can use to travel from place to place to do quests. Quests are tracked by a yellow arrow to the place you need to go, and stars on the objects that you need to collect and there is an option to change what quest to track. City is pretty big and there is a option that you can chat with all other players, which is pretty cool for a MMORPG game. Quests comes in different varieties, starting from finding objects to killing people.

Game wasn't quite smooth, as I expected it lagged pretty much every time I played it, I even went through forums looking to see if I'm the only one who is experiencing that problem, but I wasn't the only one who was experiencing this issue. Also, loading is quite slow too, sometimes when you enter in to a house, you need to wait at least 2 minutes till it loads.

Graphics are pretty much okay. There is a cool cartoon shadow effect that makes the graphics looks more 3D. The only bad side about graphics is everything looks jagged, not smooth and also, you can go through other players, only players and not objects which is funny because only ghosts can travel through people.

Audio on this game is quite awesome. Characters are well voice acted, the game feel like you're really the character. Also, sounds are 3D.

Overall I would like to say, try this game, it's worth it. If you're a fan of family guy series or an MMORPG genre, you'll love this game. This game is worth trying since it's free and browser game.

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