Mass Effect 2
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Benifits of a Makeover

If you had played Mass Effect then you would understand how well the RPG elements were combined with the action and story. In Mass Effect 2, everything is revamped especially the combat. Being able to customise combat difficulty and fine tune your aim assists whilst in game has always been a part of the Mass Effect series that really stands out, especially in those bits where fighting a boss can just become too hard. But controls arent the only thing thats been improved, the graphics have been immensely upgraded to the point where you can se the dimples and little ridges in the characters faces. The lighting has also been given an upgrade because it helps give defenition to a room and in some cases a charater. The voice acting in Mass Effect 2 is exceptional, it helps to define each characters personality and thats an important part in any role-playing game. The thing that stands out the most in Mass Effect 2 is the Story, It will hook you in, and keep a grasp. At first it seems straight foward but it never got confusing and always produced game changing twists. These twists are usually the outcome of choices you make throughout the game, and will effect the games ending. Mass Effect 2 provides fun and immersive gameplay along with a long campaign and multiplayer modes to keep you busy. It is a game that should belong on everyones shelf.