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Jimmy spills his grapeaid everywhere

We all watched classic horror film The Omen with a touch of jealousy, wishing that – like Damien - we too could harness hideously evil powers to bring about the end of the world. Right? If you’re not convinced, just picture Justin Bieber’s shit-eating grin and tell me you don’t long for the apocalypse.


Upcoming horror title Lucius (from Helsinki’s Shiver Games) is the answer to our prayers. The game puts you in the tiny shiny boots of the son of Satan, who goes by the not-so-subtle monicker of ‘Lucius’. Born to extremely wealthy politicians, Lucius realises he isn’t so normal when his real dad – Beelzebub himself – reveals himself on the kid’s sixth birthday, and asks him to bump off the entire household – parents and staff included – before coming on home to poppa.


Don’t think that means you’ll be strapping on a machine gun and blasting them all into smithereens either. Lucius has some very cool abilities that he has to use to manipulate his victims, to either bump them off in secret or – if you’re particularly smart - drive them to suicide. Check out the brand new official trailer for glimpses of his powers, including telekinesis and a healthy bit of Pyrokinesis.


An earlier preview showed an example of Lucius doing in a poor innocent maid, who was having an illicit affair with another member of staff. Lucius sneaks into the maid’s chambers when she’s all cuddled up with her beau and takes a snapshot, then uses the evidence to drive her to despair. He then uses her grief to take control of her body, and promptly walks her off a balcony to a gruesome demise. The possibilities for nefarious behaviour are almost infinite, and we really can’t wait to get stuck into this sinister adventure.

Lucius will hit stores world-wide on October 26th 2012, so get ready to be a very naughty boy indeed...

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