Dynasty Warriors 6
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Do you love Beat 'Em Up games? If you do,then this is the right game for you.I suppose you've heard about the ancient wars of China,or lords of The Three Kingdoms, trying to unite the whole "Land" under their control.

Now,this game like previous ones is all about killing,fighting and destroying anything and anyone who gets in your way,in the path to victory.Like in previous games of Dynasty Warriors series, you can take role as many officers that have proven to be outstanding in close combat,and yet some weapons have been changed so the game is now different. Let's begin ,shall we?




-This serie of Dynasty Warriors is different than the past ones.In addition here ,there is a new way to make combos.In past series,combos were depending on a weapon rank( or his quality),while now you can get a weapon with low rank but still enough strong.Duels from Dynasty warriors 4 come again,only this time you are not trapped in a cage ,like an animal,no. Here duels take place on a battlefield, and you're surrounded by your allies and enemies that can interfere in a battle anytime they want.There are much ways to start and end a battle, someone prefers running off to the main enemy officer and kill him,while someone loves to go in a crowded area and kill every human that exists ( like me).As usual there are Challenge Mode , Musou, and Free Mode.Some actions like swimming and climbing ladders have been added,while in PS2 those actions are disabled ( i played it on Pc and Ps2).As i would like to call it " Skills Tree" has been added , where you achieve skills during battles.Breaking the gate has also been added, unlike the previous versions you can now destroy the gate with hits.


-Okay,i'm gonna cut to the chase here.Even though it's my favourite game,i must critize it's graphics.The graphics is dissapointing.Why do I think like that?Well, first of all the game sometimes lags during battle,and battle scenes.Textures are,well they're not so bad, but they aren't really nice either,but one of the major dissapointments is the sudden disapearences of enemies,which dissapear while you fight them. You still hit them , but the only thing you see is a red bar above the enemies head ( which is actually an energy of theirs).But look on the bright side there are some good points,like water colors,and other colors.


-Story is as usual placed in the ancient China that is splitted into Three Kingdoms.Some stages have been added like Conquest of Wu ( In Dynasty Warriors 5 there was a battle called "Battle of Wu territory", but this is not it, it's similar but not the same),Campaign against Yuan Shu,which is actually set in the Conquest of Wu,but they separated it ( don't know why though), Invasion of Xu Chang and others,yet some stages are removed,like, Nanman, Battle of Tong Gate, Battle of Si Shui Gate and others, but what mostly caughts the eye is the replace of weapons, making it more unrealistic ,because those weapons never really existed back then, so for the fans of Dynasty Warriors series it's unusual to see characters with new weapons,than the previous ones.As a traddition you start at a battle of Yellow Turban Rebbelion , except with the people who don't belong to neither kingdom.


-Sound isn't much changed . Every battlefield has a theme of his own. You can find those themes in options.


So, even though it has a pretty bad graphics, it's a great game with great story that repeats in every game ( because it's all about that battles) and with a great gameplay that always changes for better.