Watch Dogs
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Amazing Graphics

Ubisoft Montreal, who showed their developing skills in past with franchises like, Far Cry (except the first installement), Assassin's Creed and now ready for another huge surprise from them, which is Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is a upcoming action, adventure, open world, stealth title that has been unveiled during the Ubisoft's press conference in the 2012 E3 event. Watch Dogs has been in the development during the last few years. Also, this game is expected to be release on all Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Taking look at the demo game play that was shown in Ubisoft's E3 conference, it starts with the protagonist, who's name is Aiden Pearce walking slowly down the street to the charity event that has been hosted by Joseph De Marco. This event is hosted in a busy theater, so there are many chances of hacking electronic devices like, phones. Then with a one click of a button on his phone, he disables all the cell phones that were being used by people that were near him. While the guard who let people in to the theater walks out to the street trying to fix his phone thinking there was a problem with his reception on his phone, Pearce gets in to the theater. After that while he was inside the theater, Pearce hacks in to the phone of a person who is giving away information about Pearce to Joseph De Marco and listen to what they were saying. After that he had to leave right away from the charity event and it's time to hunt Joseph De Marco. At the end he ended up killing Joseph De Marco and escaping from police and that is how this presentation was ended. Here, take a look at the game play from here for yourself.

Main feature that is trying to show off on this presentation was the Pearce's hacking ability with just using his phone. As the hacking ability, he can hack into any electronic device that is connected to a network.

Seems like a game takes in a city where everything is connected. Every thing on the city is connected to this huge network that is controlled by a computer. All the personal data that is taken from citizens to this network can be turned against themselves to sell products and thing like that. Not just that, this computer collects other data too and this network is controlled by private companies that has everything to gain from this computer. This network is hackable and no one knows when it will get hacked. Check out the Introduction trailer from here to see this in visuals.

As the graphics, they look pretty impressive. Watch Dogs is based on a brand new graphics engine by Ubisoft Montreal. The Demo seems to be running on a PC, but it's expected to be available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The PC that is running is still unknown, there is a huge chance of it being an Intel Core i7 processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 video card, or may be a pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX 690, since it's E3, which is a big event.

We expect a lot from this game. As we can see, this game has a great mixture between games like, Grand Theft Auto and LA Noire. Take a look at the colors of the target markers, don't they look like the target markers from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?

Watch Dogs is going to be a big hit for all the open world gaming fans out there. Watch Dogs is expected to be released in next year, so one year left to get connected and start hacking...

Hacking Capabilities