Modern Warfare 3
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Gameplay shot

I stopped playing Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 2. I realized it was just the same thing over and over, so I switched back to my old favourites, Battlefield.


I pretty much skipped Black Ops altogether, but when Modern Warfare 3 hit shelves, I kinda got "COD Fever" again. I bought it and played a bit of it, but was put off it instantly. I thought again, same thing. Sold it.


But I bought it again for half the price, months later. And I have come to terms with the fact that this is Call of Duty. This is what Call of Duty is, and this is what it'll stay as. And that's what makes it stand out from most modern FPS games out there. There isn't really any other game like this, to be clearly honest.


I have made piece with Call of Duty once again and I fully enjoy this incarnation of the series. The campaign is absolutely breathtaking, I have to admit.

But it's the multiplayer that steals the show, obviously. No other online FPS game out there has this much hectic-on-edge gameplay.

Yeah, Battlefield is outstanding and will remain my all-time favourite online FPS franchise.

But that's not to say Call of Duty is bad. It is outstanding in it's own way. A way that I pray no other game of it's genre intend's to mirror.

Modern Warfare 3 is really a god-like game. And is extremely fun. You won't put your controller pad down for a second. Match over, instantly into the next one.


I will not lie though when I say that although Modern Warfare 3 IS fantastic, you can't help but feel that - when you first play(ed) this game - it feels very similar to that of Modern Warfare 2, which was a big leap up from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It seems that MW3 was barely upgraded from it's prequel.

They simply didn't bother to upgrade it's HD graphics. Still no sign of 720 or 1,080 pixels bein drilled along the screen, instead we're hit with the usual COD greatness of 600p.

The AI from the campaign hasn't changed either. They basically asked to get shot. Although put it in Hardened or Veteran and (as stupid as they still are when recieving shots) they won't hesitate to riddle you with bullets faster than you can hit the crouch button to cover.


Nevertheless, the overall game is a joy to behold. It's almost flawless.