Absolutely brutal and Awesome Game

Written by faixelorihinal on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 10:17 PM
Where does God of War 3 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
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How well optimised is God of War 3 for PC? 10

This game is so awesome, i thought that maybe after two games the creators would have run out of ideas, but no the stroryline is great and it makes a lot of sense with what i know about the gods, i even learned a lot of new things about the gods as the game progresse. Also the graphics are excellent and the gameplay is very very good. Also i heard that there is a new god of war coming out so i'm even more excited. I really liked every single aspect of this game although i found that sometimes it was hard to accomplish some of the levels. This game has great controls and the combos that you can make are awesome. Santa Monica studios really uses most of what the PS3 has to offer us, and the result was an incredible game. Loved it. People you should buy this game its awesome.


  • Great Graphics
  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Very Original Story Line


  • Can get hard sometimes



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01:42 Jun-13-2012

simply awesome game from sony sye catching graphics and again the 3rd installments of series god so no need to tell about the story because story of this game also excellent. just buy it and play it feel the new power of playstation.