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The world is beautiful

When I downloaded Bastion 3 months ago, I never expected it to be so much fun, not because the game didn't appeal to me at the time, but it's due to the fact that these type of games never amused me enough to carry on till the ending.

In my perspective, arcade games are usually mediocre, they have an average storyline with okay graphics, they just don't please me enough to actually recommend it to my friends. But it was all different playing Bastion. Why? Because it was "Different"

What's it about?
The Story takes place after the events of "The Calamity", a crisis that destroyed the city of Caelondia into many floating parts, turning everybody into either ash or stone statuses.

You play as "The Kid", a little survivor who tries to return stability to the region by collecting the Cores that once powered Caelondia.

The game is narrated by an elderly man named Rucks. He and a couple of survivors will help you on your quest throughout the game.

You'll be travelling to several pieces of land using "Skyways" either to uncover a missing core and bring it back to the Bastion or to take challenges that gives you rewards such as enchantments for your weapons.

Returning a Core completes a part of the puzzle, allowing you to unlock different structures to the Bastion, such as a shrine, an armoury, or a distillery.

So, is it just another Hack N' Slash game?
Not quite! The game was allot of fun. Much better than I thought actually.
The most part I liked about Bastion was the narration as I progressed through the levels. This narration gave me info on almost everything I stumbled upon. It often used irony to create an environment full of sarcasm to keep me entertained throughout the game. It's what gave the game it's own style and made me love it even more.

"The Kid" has a shield and two weapon slots, which he can select from the Arsenal, he also has a special attack (ex: mines), which is triggered by black tunics. There are health tunics too.

The game's currency is "fragments" which is used to upgrade weapons and buy different materials.

Is it beautiful?
Absolutely! The game's spectacular, the environments are detailed, the effects are eye popping and the fact that the whole world rebuilds under your feet as you walk is just marvellous.

Sounds are perfect
When you find yourself playing the game all over again just to listen to what the narrator has to say, or when you plug in your headphones just to listen to every sound effect of your sword swinging or bullets being fired, you know SuperGiant has done something right. Sounds are without a doubt the most beautiful element in-game.

I finished the game, what now?
When the game is over you can replay the game using "new game+" mode while keeping the experience points, fragments, and weapons that you have gained. It offers more options in the buildings, as well as two more journeys. You will be playing this for quite a while that's for sure.
By the end of the day, you'll be questioning yourself how the game actually succeeded in getting you so addicted. And honestly the answer is easy. The simplicity of the game combined with the beautiful world of Bastion and the nice story makes it perfect. Any Action-Role Playing game couldn't ask for more. This is definitely a game I'd recommend to everybody without hesitation.

The characters are memorable