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Minecraft is a sanbox based block game which the player has to survive by gathering resources. This game was created by the company Mojang based in swedan.

In the game minecraft you can craft items from the resources you gather such as tools and weapons. Minecraft is updated regulary by Mojang and this causes problems with servers, mods and other services that have to update.

My Experiance with minecraft may be not as vast as other players but I will give it a go. So I find the game fun and also frustating like when you lag if you have a bad computer or you get banned from a server.

I like to play on public servers, espcially pvp servers which include factions, tnt cannons and Battles. Minecraft has bugs that need to be fixed rather than adding new aspects to the game such as Server errors. World holes (Section of a world that fails to render or generate causing the player to fall into the hole and repeatly fall from the same spot to another which can only be fixed by reconnecting or teleporting to another location).


When I started the game there was no tutorial which it still does not have now and that is really annoying because Minecraft probbaly has the most amount of Noobs in any game. Just a tip when you start the game if you see a little green creature that has black eyes and a black mouth and is shaped like a male private bit. Then don't go near it unless you want to explode. Minecraft has a simple gui which is easy to get learn.

Minecraft Requires Java which without it or without the latest version you might have trouble playing or even starting the game. Its reccomended to have the latest java.

I don't really know if this counts as a review but i'll write Part 2 of this review later