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Rising Force Online or RF Online is a sci-fi fantasy mmorpg originally developed by Korean company CCR Inc. released in February 2006. This game is now a free to play mmorpg and published by several companies, paid or free private servers are also available.


                The visual is good and skills are flashy, very well for an old game.

Characters and Races*

The game has 3 different races to choose from, each has its own character classes and skills. Also each race have their own special character class, one that they called race special ability/weapon or whatever you call that, well we call it race "ace class" lol. anyway let’s talk about it in each race.

Empire Accreatia: The cyborg type race, they are the toughest race off all. Base classes are warrior, ranger and specialist and should change class when you reach level 30. After reaching level 30 each base class will choose 1 of 2 recommended secondary class provided, a defender type or damage type. you can also choose other secondary classes ex. your base is warrior, you can choose rangers secondary class when you reach level 30 however you won’t get those extra skills exclusively on pure classes so stay in the line! Alright, again once you reach level 40, you can now change your secondary class to your final class, same principles just like what you did on level 30 change of class.

Bellato Union:  This is the dwarf like race but a good looking dwarf though. They are the highest dodge rate race compared to other 2. Same as Accretian they have warrior, ranger and specialist class but with addition of mage class so they have 4 base classes, same procedure as Accretian, level up, reach 30, choose class bla bla bla.

Cora Alliance:  This race have most painful attack rate of all. Base classes are same with the Bellato’s so were the class change level requirements.


Race Special Class*

Empire Accretia: Class one’s called "Annihilator" a ranger base class character. When reach the level of 30 you'll your class from ranger to "gunner" well you’re not really using a gun (you can also use guns but doing what you are specialized for is better), you are using rocket launcher! Along with a gadget called “Siege Kit”. When using a Siege Kit your launcher damage will dramatically increase from normal to overpower (imba) though you cannot move/run/sit/jump when using it, you're a sitting duck when using a Siege Kit! However, a same level mage class from different race can be killed with just 1 skill while using Siege Kit if you are fairly geared so it’s not that sucks using one. Ooops killing one mage class is easy but 2 is a different story, enabling and disabling siege kit quite takes time defenselessly, about 2 seconds, and you can be dead just before you finish enabling your siege kit loool.

Bellato Union: The "Specialist", a final class of "Rider", they are using (or riding coz they are inside operating it :D) mechanical weapon or should i say a robot they called the "MAU". MAU's are extremely tough that they had around 300k hp point compared to normal character which has around 15k (duh 15k vs 300k???) and some 5 time bigger than the Accretian. Downside is the Mau's health is not regenerating, you need to go back to your Headquarters and repair it and it cost quite a lot of money, or worst it can be blown into pieces when assaulted by few "Annihilators" in the way (you along with your crap metal will be blown into pieces bwahaha), well actually, it’s really fun to blow up Mau's lol, but it’s not that simple, they are hard to take down and really painful to swallow their damage. A one Mau can kill one Accretian Annihilator by just 2-3 hits (if he can take the imba damage throwing into him and if he’s not thinking about how much will cost him to repair such damage Mau lol) they are somehow balance. Anyway he can always ride off his Mau’s and run away on foot with his shield.

Cora Alliance:  The Summoner , a base class of mage and the final class of “Faust”, same as normal mages but with a summons. This class has four different types of summons to choose from so going head to head battle with one is like doing it two vs one in reality. We always say the summon hits hard but the one using it is weak so kill the summoner and the summon will vanish lol.



                This is where all three races collide in battle. This is done in this large map called “Mining Area” where all three races base are positioned in equally distanced area.  Each race has one chip to protect while some members destroy the other so if one’s race chip is destroyed they are declared losers and the race who gets the last wonderful hit before the chip is destroyed declared the winner. Full defense strategy, full attack or half attack half defense, all depends on the race leaders and members coordination.  Winner of the battle will gain the chance to mine in the map core guarded by one huge monster named Hallostone Keeper (we call it Barney) where you can mine materials for weapon upgrades etc etc. War goes 3 times a day everyday so if one race lose the previous war, they can get their revenge to the next war. Maximum time of war is set to 2 hours so if no chip is destroyed within the given time, war is declared draw and no race can mine in to the core or you’ll be crushed by Barney if you tried to.



                Every week there will be an election for each race so anyone can vote whoever they want to rule and lead the whole race and the winner is called “Archon” and the non-winner will the race councils. All of them are the race leaders who will lead everyone to the battle, give strategies and commands and they have awesome strength and of course commission to taxes lool.



                Well this is not a one man game, you need friends, parties, guilds to survive. You can’t kill other characters just that easy, an example is a one Accretian tanker can tank and escape up to 10 Mau’s or one Summoners party hitting him without getting killed, or you are leveling yourself peacefully in one place when some bunch of Cora’s arrived and killed you and you’ll just wait for them to go away before coming back to that leveling spot? No you call for help and shout “omg Cora’s killed me please repel them councils archon anyone!” . Always go with friends, it is so boring doing hard leveling alone without anyone to talk to. All races are somehow balance with each specialty, strength and weaknesses so whatever race you choose won’t put you on the stronger or weaker side (except looking into numbers of course lol) better choose the race with a higher numbers of player for higher chance of winning during war.


THOUGHT: I’ve been playing this game since 2007 up to date and I would say if this is really addictive, as long your with a good and strong community and lots of friends you’ll always have fun playing this. I have more on my mind to write but its already boring long to read here so final comments. There are lots of servers to choose from so find one and play now. J


my gunner doing photoshoot lol