Stronghold Crusader
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New character:Saladin

Now, this is supposed to be another strategic medieval game where you build your castle, make your army , but Stronghold Crusader makes it a bit different , in other words takes it to a new level
Unlike the previous versions this game is not set
in Europe,than in Middle East ( or desert) where it has a lot of building site
but little less fertile ground. This game includes new arabian units that don't need any woods,stone or some workshops to be made, the only thing you need is money
( i prefered assassins in arabian troops) . So , now that you're ready for this game , let's begin!


Now, in this game like every other strategic game,you rule your castle and your land , and crush anyone who stands in the path to victory.It is similar to previous Stronghold, but major difference is as I said that this one is set in the Middle East. But there is a negative side of a game set in the desert.
Resources like farms can be built only on oasis grass, which is bad because you can't build where you want, and you're limited with resources, but resources like iron, oil, quarries
have their own site for building which are iron ores,stone quarries,oil marshes and such.There are chapters which are completed with resources given in the begining of the battle.
But after every chapter you have  1 or 2 new lords are added to the battle that you must defeat in order to continue, or you could just use one chicken with whom you skip one chapter ( Max usable:3 times ). To build your own big army you will need a lot of resources like woods,food,stone,iron and others.
Well for me mostly needed resource are men ( peasants) which you need to train to become soldiers.You need to keep them happy,fed up . To build a big castle and good castle you will need money, and to achieve money , you must raise the taxes or sell something that you don't need in the market.Also, new towers and buildings have been added.


The graphics isn't that bad since this is an old game.
You can play on some big,wide maps, although it has some buildings that look pretty lame.
What usually makes me nervous is the terrain,although it's big , there are a lots of uphills,downhills,small rocks,a lot of trees ( well trees are needed) which don't allow you to build everywhere you want,and because of that you're limited with resources .


The story is set in the Middle East ,or as I would like to call it in deserts ( many call it like that ).You take role as you ( weird sentence), actually you make your own king's name and play.
You fight against 4 lords that rule their own empire ( kingdom,land ). Those are: Rat,Snake,Pig,Wolf.
They all work together to try to beat you but you always get away somehow. All of them are controled by the Wolf ( he is in charge) and they are his little bears.
Those 4 lords are sorted like from small, harmless animals to big and dangerous . So that would be: 1) Easy-Rat
                                                                                                    2) Normal-Snake
                                                                                                    3) Hard-Pig ( not so quite hard,but still it's a challenge)                                                                                      4) Master- Wolf
But also, when passing the game you complete 50 missions that are called "Crusader Trail", and after every mission , you get more and more opponents, and harder ones.
In this game other lords like : The Lionheart Richard , Sheriff of Nothingam ( I think it's the one from Robin Hood),Saladin ( my favourite) and others have been added.


So , basically this is a good RTS ( Real-Time Strategy ) game , which is pretty old , and has a little bit bad graphics,but still pleasing many gamers world wide  that are "IN LOVE" in this genre of games.

From left: The Rat, The Pig,The Wolf,The Snake