Happy Wheels
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We all love playing flash games since most of them are free, fun, easy to play. I introduce you Happy Wheels, a free, fun, addicting, bloody, racing game that has been developed by Jim Bonacci. The developer of this game is not a well known developer, but this game is one of the popular games around the world.

In Happy Wheels, each level has it's own kind of unique objective. Objective in most of the levels are to travel to the objective with your character alive. Also, going for the objective is not going to be easy, you need to avoid hazards and obstacles from splattering you until you reach the objective.

One of the best features on Happy Wheels' is it's own unique kind of level editor. You can build levels of your own choice and name them to what ever you want, but you need to be registered user to save levels to the public and allow others to play it and enjoy it.

This game has tons of levels, that has been added daily by people who build them for fun, so there is no possible way of finishing the whole game. Some of the levels are really really difficult to win, so sometimes you might have to give up those levels, and find a new one to play. Even if you skipped one level, it won't take away that much enjoyment from the game since there will be another one like the level that you skipped.

This game has it's own kind of characters. They are, Wheelchair Guy - A man on a wheel chair, Lawnmower Man - guy on a lawnmower, Moped Couple - couple on a motor cycle, Effective Shopper - A woman who is riding a shopping cart, Irresponsible Dad - name explains everything, Segway Guy - a man who is riding a Segway, Explorer Guy , Santa Clause, and Pogostick Man. More characters to be released soon. Each character got it's own kind of actions.

Controls of the game are pretty much easy to get used to, and they are user customizable (not many flash games offer user customizable controls). As the default controls this game uses, Up key for accelerate, Down key for decelerate, Right arrow key to lean forward, Left arrow key to lean backward, Space bar for the primary action, Shift key for the secondary action 1, Control/CTRL key for the secondary action 2, 'Z' key  to eject, and at last 'C' key to change the camera view. Primary action of the characters in the game are different.

Music and sounds of the game is pretty good. Sounds of the traps on the game are pretty close to the sound of the real ones. Even when you splatter, the sound of the splattering is a lot similar to when you splatter in real life, which I guess non of you have experienced it, but have heard it before some how.

Graphics are completely 2D. As a flash game, we can't expect any more than 2D graphics. There is also an option to which graphics settings you want to play the game on going along with an in-game FPS meter. As graphics options, there is different levels of quality, different levels of blood, maximum particle limits, smoothing, and compressed textures. Increasing these settings may cause less performance and decreasing them cause better performance with the game. FPS meter shows how much frame per second are you getting at the game.

Happy Wheels also has a t-shirt with the Happy Wheels' logo, that is sold for $20.00.



  • Lots of levels, that will never end.
  • It's browser based.
  • Graphics are actually good as a flash game.


  • Only playable via browser, which means an internet connection required to access the game.


Overall I'll give Happy Wheels a score of 9.5 out of 10 considering my pros and cons. This game is worth trying, it's really addictive. Once you've played it, you won't stop playing it again. Try this game if you're new to web based flash games. If you've played games like Limbo, you really need to try this game since it's a lot like with colored graphics.

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