Assassins Creed 3
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What do you think this photo is meant to convey? Is it DirectX11?

Ubisoft appears to be stacking the market with numerous AAA releases set for this year. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier just released and although it's not the highest quality it is selling well. Then in just over 2 months we will have Far Cry 3 on our hands. A month after that and we will have Assassin's Creed 3. How much more does Ubisoft think we can take?


As far as Assassin's Creed 3 is concerned, I can't wait for this title. With a new protagonist and new setting, as well as whatever Ubisoft has up it's sleeve for us, this game can't come soon enough. It's very exciting to see the series set in America and with the American Revolution as the backdrop for this game, the stage is set for another tour-de-force action game. However, the game won't be centered on the Revolution, but more on the seedy underside of it. Apparently some of America's founding fathers, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin are going to be featured in the game. Hopefully Connor, the new protagonist, takes it easy on those guys.


At the time of writing, not many details have been revealed at all aside from the aforementioned material. So we can only speculate on what is in store for us. However if I had to guess, I would say that this game might support DirectX11 even though it is going to be a console port. The reasoning behind this is that Ubisoft, as a developer, will want to put out a product that everyone will be happy with otherwise sales could take a hit. Also, taking a look at the screenshot above, it has a good amount of detail to it, and it looks like ambient occlusion is being used based on the shadows on the trees and character. Seeing as ambient occlusion is only natively-supported in games that are DirectX10 or higher, it is a fair bet that we can expect DirectX11.


As far as gameplay goes, I think we might see some new features. Perhaps we will see upgraded firearm-based combat, due to the time lapse between Renaissance Italy and the American Revolution. Or maybe we will get naval combat, as an integral part of the Revolution was the power struggle on the high seas. Shipping became a stealthy and dangerous profession with the British blockades in major port cities. Since the game isn't supposed to focus directly on the war, but more of the subterfuge involved therein, I think we should see this aspect of the Revolution explored.


Furthermore, if you look at the trend the series has followed so far, we should see an upgrade to the Animus, which is what enabled the "main" character Desmond to access the memories of his ancestors. We should also expect to see Subject 16 explored some more, as he certainly has many secrets to share. We could also see more of Desmond in this entry as the Assassins vs. Templars conflict seems to be intensifying. If none of this made sense to you, don't worry as Assassin's Creed 3 should be a good jumping-on point for new players of the series. Although I suggest you play the previous entires first, not so much for the understanding of AC3's plot but more that they are great games in their own right.


So for now, only time will tell what is in store for us. If the reputation and quality of the previous games are anything to go on though, we can expect a solid game that will not disappoint. And in case you were wondering, yes the head of the tomahawk in Connor's hand is the Assassins Order symbol.