Most Wanted is a game known to every single fan of the NFS series published by EA. This game came out before Carbon and after Underground II. This game was one of the story based NFS games developed by EA Canada and EA Redwood Shores. There was a mobile version too, developed by Ideaworks Game Studio.

In this game you will find 5 modes (e.g. Career, Challenge Series, LAN Play, Online Play, and Quick Race). You can race in quick race section for quick fun or in challenge series mode if you get bored of everything else or start a career to become the most wanted blacklist racer in the country. There are 33 cars (Black Edition, 30 cars in the normal edition) in this game.  The car customization available here is not as much as Underground II; There is no option for neon, nitrous purge, hydraulics, spinners, doors, split hoods, trunk audio, mirror colour, exhaust colour, spoiler colour, roof scoop colour, and brake colour but the game is still at its best. The game has the following places available while on the Free Roam: Car Lot, Shop, and Safe House. Unlike Underground II you don’t have to find the shops to unlock something. The city is divided in to four parts (Rosewood, Point Camden, Grey Point and Downtown Rockport). When your true career starts after Razor takes your BMW you get all other places locked except Rosewood. As you defeat blacklists you unlock places, safe houses and shops (Defeating Blacklist #13 unlocks Point Camden, Grey Point, two safe houses, four shops, and a car lot; Defeating Blacklist #8 unlocks Downtown Rockport, a safe house, two shops and a car lot). All the races available here are available through the Blacklist 15 menu in Safe House, Blacklist 15 menu in Free Roam, through the world by driving.

The Cops: The cops at Rockport City are the real cops. They have Awful Cars (I don’t know the names of the cars in x1 and x2), Pontiac GTOs (x3 and x4), Chevrolet Corvette C6s (x5 and x6), SUVs (Comes to Ram you – SUV Light x3, SUV Heavy x4, x5, x6; follows you like a normal police in x6 and the whole pursuit is about SUV Heavies when it’s x7), Helicopters (Comes at x4 to fill the place with dust and at x5 and x6 the helicopters come down to ram you), Cross (A designer Corvette C6 at x5 and at x6), Roadblocks (x2 Cars at x2; x3 Cars or SUV Lights at x3; x4 Cars or SUV Heavies with or without Spike Strips at x4; x5 Cars or SUV Heavies with or without Spike Strips at x5; x6 Cars or SUV Heavies with Spike Strips at x6; SUV Heavies with or without Spike Strips at x7)

Pursuit Milestones: Milestones must be completed to race with a blacklist racer.

Bounty: This milestone can be completed by getting a certain amount of bounty set by the blacklist racer. You can get bounty by Immobilizing Police Vehicle or while staying on the pursuit you get an amount of bounty depending on your cop heat every 10 seconds. This is out of the scope of Milestones but you can also earn bounty by completing Milestones or going through a police camera with a certain speed. To defeat a Blacklist racer you need to earn bounty too.

Infractions: This milestone can be completed by making a certain number of infractions set by the blacklist racer. You can do the following infractions: Ramming a Police Vehicle, Speeding (over 150 mph), Excessive Speeding (over 180 mph), Reckless Driving (over 200 mph), Damage to Property, Driving off Roadway, Hit and Run (Civilian Vehicles), and Resisting Arrest.

Cost to State: There is no need to explain this milestone I guess.

Roadblocks: You need to pass through a certain number of police roadblocks while on a pursuit.

Spike Strips: You need to pass through a certain number of police roadblocks containing spike strips while on a pursuit.

Trade Paint: Tag a certain number of police vehicles to complete this milestone.

Evade in Less Than: Escape from the cops within a given time to complete this milestone.

Stay in a Pursuit for: Stay in a pursuit for a certain amount of time to complete this milestone.

Police Cameras: Go through the police cameras with a certain amount of speed to complete this milestone.

The Races: There are 5 types of races in NFS Most Wanted – Sprint, Drag, Circuit, Lap Knockout, and Speedtrap, Tollbooth Time Trial

Sprint – A simple one lap race with nothing special.

Drag – Drags are mini sized yet the toughest races. You have to control your car’s gear manually. Do a mistake in that and a boom… it’s a blown engine. You can’t even touch the traffic or you are totalled. It means instead of hitting a truck you have to go underneath the truck. You also have to stay in a line. This is controlled by the computer so pressing the arrow keys won’t give you a chance to go a little right or left; it will take you to the line in the right or left so a little mistake and you are totalled.

Circuit – Just like sprint races but this one has 2 or 3 laps.

Lap Knockout – This is a 3 lap race where at the end of each lap the person standing at last gets knocked out.

Speedtrap – This one isn’t about reaching first at the finish line. You have to pass through a number of photo tickets where your speed will be measured. At finish line the racer with the most speed wins; another thing to mention, your speed counter will go backwards until you reach the finish line once a player ahead of you in race reaches the finish line.

Tollbooth Time Trial – In this type of race you have to reach from one tollbooth to the next one within a specific amount of time.


Well this game has the graphics, the story, the chicks and everything you need for a crime based racing game. This game is easy to play compared to Shift or Hot Pursuit 2010. The Blacklist 15 thing never makes you get bored from racing. The Challenge Series are specially made if you are really bored of Career. And the cops, the thing I love about most wanted are cops. You might get bored playing career races, even the challenge series but you will never get bored destroying Cross with your own Murciélago or something else if you prefer it. The cops here are always ready to give you, your car, and your skills a challenge. With Corvettes running to catch you and Sergeant Cross trying to make a plan to make you busted it’s always fun. My rating for the game is ––––


Graphics – 8.5/10

Story – 9/10 (It’s really large)

Racing – 5/10 (They are really easy even at hard settings when you compare it to Shift)

Cops – 10/10 (This is why it is MW)

Mia – 100/10 (:-D)

Blacklists – 15/15 (:-D)