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Lucasarts and Raven teamed up again in 2003 and delivered a great game, with an excellent storyline, unique characters, characters recognizable from the movies like Luke Skywalker, great fighting systems, and the mods for the game are some of the best ever.

Jaden Korr is the main character in Jedi Academy, a Jedi padawan instructed by Luke Skywalker, and apprentice to Kyle Katarn. The game has really great lightsaber combat for its time, and it's a very suspenseful plot.

Voice Actors in the game are accurate, and the models are perfect for 2003, greater than what you would expect from a 2003 game. The Storyline takes you to many recognizable places, like Hoth, Korriban, and Yavin IV. Jedi Academy is a dream game come true for any Star Wars fan or gamer. I would definitely reccomend this game to anyone. May the Force be with you.