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Fortix is a casual indie strategy game that is settled on a fantasy environment developed by an indie-pendant developer named Nymesis Games. Without overdue, let's get to the game shall we?

You get to kick in to the game with, choosing what control to use. You've mouse controls or keyboard controls to use. I've played the game on both controls and I think, keyboard is the easiest one to go for. Then the game will show you how to play the game.

Objective of the Fortix is to cut out parts from the land and capture the enemy castle, while doing that you also need to avoid dragons and cannonballs that has been launched from turrets from touching your cutting line or your character. There are also power-ups along the way of capturing the castle, like speed ups, stops all your enemy. Not just that, there are triggers that you can capture, which can destroy enemy turrets and makes your enemy castle capture easy and you can kill dragons by drawing a cutting line around them. There is a limit amount of lives, if you reach the limit, your game is over. Each level on this game is unique, some of them have lots of dragons while some of them have less. Each terrain in the game is different, some of them makes you slower while others don't. There are also 12 achievements to be unlocked.

Enemy turrets are different from each other. Some of them can be destroyed by a friendly turret while others, you've to capture them, which makes the some levels of the game a lot difficult than others.

There are lots of different types of dragons, some dragons are harder to defeat while some of them doesn't. There are different types of dragons, each one with different moving speeds, sizes,  powers, going along with intelligent levels. You'll experience different dragons at each level.

You can control your character by your mouse or with your keyboard as I said at the beginning. I found that it's very hard to control with the mouse than the keyboard. Not just that, there isn't an option to configure your controls, but it's easy to get used to the keys, since they're are only 4 keys to press, or one mouse to move.

Graphics are well fit to the game's genre and music. They are pretty good looking and not bad at all, they're a bit cartoon-ish. Interface of the game is a lot related to setting. As the music, seems to fit well on the type of the game and to the environment as well.

Fortix is also reminds us of the old popular game, Qix. Qix is another game that is a lot similar to this. Fortix is like a modified version of Qix with a whole new graphics, setting, enemy.

I ran this game on my old desktop PC, which has an AMD Athlon II X2 215, with the Integrated graphics card from Nvidia, Nvidia Ge Force 6150SE going along with 2GB of memory. It ran quite good, I didn't experience any slow downs at all. I don't think you'll need that much powerful rig to run this. It won't take a huge space to install either, only around 100MB



  • Graphics are cartoon-ish but well fit the setting
  • Music seems to be well fit the situation


  • Controls are not user customizable


Overall, Fortix is a great game. It's easy to understand, fun, simple, relaxing. It's well worth the price, right now it's only $0.99 at Gamers-Gate, there is also a demo, if you just want to try it out. This was one of the games I've enjoyed a lot. 9/10