Battlefield 3
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Battlefield 3 is a first person award winning shooter game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE which was released on various platforms like MS Window XBOX 360 PS3 etc.

Talking about the game, it was considered one of the finest developed game till now in terms of graphic visual. Visual Graphics are just awesome which creates a fantastic environment for players.The movement of characters , surrounding environments , featuring weapons ,special operations these are some features which makes this game looks very cool. There are 2 levels in this in which player have to use fighting aircraft and armor tank, these levels shows the hard work behind this game.They are very likely to relate with true life.

Sound track of this game is another factor of its success specially its theme sound track.Story ,sound track ,graphics and real life relating war these are the factors which makes this game a award winning one.Sounds of gun fire,shining of light sources specially there reflections resembles true nature of light,directions of orders,commands,strategy between soldeirs represents a high profile operations.

But besides of these important and special features this game is also have some -ve points. The foremost -ve point is its gameplay which is quite repetitive , you don't have to do much tasks , most of the levels is with combined force so there is lack of solo strategy play.

But overall the game was great , and it was one of the finest First Person Shooter game ever developed.