Well guys this is gonna be my first review for the site. I just hope you guys like it.


This game was initially meant for consoles but later on it was also announced for PC. I havent played the console version but the PC version looks great. Its a pc port, and a bad one at that as compared to others, so you might have problems running this one on full graphics settings even though you may have a high end GPU. I could run this one at medium settings on my HD 5650 and it was playable delivering around 35-45 fps on an average.

Here's what'll come to most minds when you start the game for the first time: looks fabulous. I think the visuals are great. It's a third person shooter so you can see the soldier when he's moving around. The player detailing is very good. The environment details also look great even at medium settings.

As for the gameplay of this game, its pretty descent. Though the game is a third person shooter, when you zoom in on an enemy to look at him through the crosshair or through the scope, it switches to first person view. One of the best features of this game is the Sync shot mechanic. You play in a group of four ghost soldiers. you can mark upto 4 enemies at once and order your teamates to shoot three of them while you shoot one simultaneously. The game gets in slow motion when ou do this and it feels great. You can even land bonus kills just after a sync shot in slow motion.

The single player campaign is lengthy which is good as most of the fps games you get these day tend to end in 6-8 hours. Each mission takes time to play through. One cant just rush through the whole mission shooting down enemies. The game is fairly challenging even at medium difficulty. The player has to take cover when he's sorrounded by enemies or else he'll be shot down in almost no time. Most of the missons demand stealth play till some point of time and it feels great.

The game can be played by a controller as well as a keyboard and a mouse. I prefer a mouse and keyboard with this one beacause, well, its a pc shooter and what's the difference between this version and  the console versions if you play it with a controller?

The online multiplayer mode does have some technical problems and network issues. Online play is nice as well but it has its glitches. These glitches will be improved most probably as Ubisoft launches various game patches. The single player campaign mode does not have these problems.

All in all, the game looks and feels great while actually playing it.