Devil May Cry 4
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Devil May Cry 4 is a action adventure game developed by Capcom in the year 2008 ,it was the fourth installment in the Devil May Cry game series.It was launched in PS3 ,XBOX 360 ,MS Windows platforms.

Coming to the game,player have to play with 2 characters in DMC4 i.e Nero and Dante, both of them posses ninja skills and devil powers.

Game is full combination of actions, adventure , fantasy all in one. There were approx 43 combos of Nero's action and 83 combos of Dante'action so those people who likes different fighting skills surely enjoy these different and fantastic fighting action.

There are different modes in the game i.e Human, Devil Hunter, Son of Sparda, Legendary Dark Knight , Dante Must Die ,Heaven or Hell and Hell or Hell (Level of difficulty is different for different modes ).
There is a special Bloody Palace mode in the game which have 101 levels where the player have to fight Dark Dante ,this mode is specially given to players for the improvement of there fighting skills.

Gameplay of the game provides a postive environment for the players to play according to there strategy, there were no predefined boundations or restrictness. Different types of enemies in different levels also gives new refreshment to the game and levels bosses shows that this game was a perfect fantasy action game.

Game includes romantic and dramatic story of Nero and Kyrie ,action adventures life of Dante "The Devil Hunter" and other characters.There was a story of love,action,romance,drama,betrayel ,it means it just a good entertaining game to play .

But the game has some weak points too,as the sound track of the game is quite repititative in each level, also the levels which was accomplished by Nero from level 1-11 was reaccomplished by Dante starting from the Nero's last level so there was a problem of level repetition.

But except some of these -ve points ,this is a good game to play and we'll hope upcoming part should have more action and adventures for the users.