Strike Suit Zero
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Robots in Disguise

An arcade style space sim developed with the classic Star Wars: Tie Fighter games in mind. This is what the indie guys at Born Ready Studios explained. There is currently nothing on the market, nor has there been for some years, that adequately fill that segment. I am sure many of the older gamers amongst us will think on those games with some fondness.

Strike Suit Zero has a hook though, you will be able to switch your space craft into a kind of transformers style robot with a gun and then back again, depending on the situation.

While speaking to the Born Ready techie developers the following exchange happened

Felix – Can Strike Suit Zero run on an average gamer’s rig, with hardware that has released over the past 2 or 3 years?

Born Ready – Sure can, it runs smoothly on a Nvidia 560.

Felix – Wait, what? A 560 isnt an average bit of gamer rig kit. So what is top end kit?

BR Techie – Of course it is, an Nvidia 690 is top end!

Obviously the last part of that last remark is true but the point highlights just how valuable Game-Debate and the brilliant community we have here is for all fellow gamers. If you haven’t worked out what the issue is with this exchange then you are probably in the lucky group of gamers who can grab a 560 card or better and slot it into your gaming system.

A 560 is not in the average global gamer rig.

We are all using a wide selection of hardware, a lot of which, while still perfectly capable of playing a lot of today’s games, is nowhere near as powerful as the Nvidia 560 card mentioned above.

Here we see that the game developers, even those working on an indie release like Strike Suit Zero are often unaware of the hardware capabilities when dealing with the global audience. So before you panic that your machine is not the same as a developers top end hardware and have faith that as we grow here at GD the publishers and developers will be looking to us to help them understand their market better and to help them utilise the hardware of the real world gamers – You!

Obviously, from this we will also be helping devs and pubs that developing for the PC offers more scope, greater power and options than building something for current gen consoles. Which leads me on to say that SSZ is coming out for consoles (about as powerful as a 6 year old PC) next year and therefore the PR and tech guys explained that Strike Suit will be customisable for a wide range of PCs that stretch down to that group of hardware. Check our Strike Suit Zero system requirements for an early look at that.

Needless to say I put the developer right about the real average hardware that gamers are using and he quickly realised his mistake and agreed with me.

When released SSZ will be around the $15/£10/€10 mark and released for PC on Steam around Sept/Oct this year. It will also come to the PSN and Xbox live around Q2 2013.

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