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Games from big publishers are becoming interactive movies. Highly scripted and linear. This is not always a bad thing, take Max Payne 3 for example. But the Far Cry series is all about the jungle,  free roaming, the islander baddies all wanting to murder your ass! Ubi knew that they had to return to the original’s strengths if they were to bring back the fans. Far Cry 2 had an impressive environment, but the plot and actual depth of gameplay felt somewhat lacklustre. Many gamers were frustrated by the Malaria disease that the player started with in Far Cry 2. The malaria game mechanic was debilitating and seemed to serve little actual purpose other than to annoy and interfere with enjoyment.

In Far Cry 3 we are promised a rich story of revenge set in a tropical paradise gone bad. Their seem to be some twists and turns sewn through the plot, which suggest the main psychotic villain is more than just someone to avoid but perhaps someone you become? This is only a hunch and nothing has been said to this affect, only time will tell.

But despite all of this will the game be overly scripted with narrow maps that provide more controlled story telling but less gameplay? This was the problem with Crysis 2, will Far Cry 3 make the same mistake?

We were informed by Ubisoft that Far Cry 3 system requirements are not set in stone yet but they let us have a dig around in the computers that they were running the game on.

Far Cry 3 Demonstration System

OS: Win 7

RES: 1920x1080

CPU: Intel i5-3570

GPU: Nvidia GTX 670 (we didn’t see this for our self, but were told by a Ubisoft rep)


This machine is of course a monster and the game ran smoothly. So we pressed Ubisoft a little more.

We asked if Far Cry 3 would run on a PC with similar specs to the current gen consoles - we were told that this should be the case, but to expect much better visuals and achievable resolution if the PC is more modern. Looking at something like a GTX 260, 6GB of RAM and low end quad core/high end dual core would provide a great experience. Take a look at the Far Cry 3 System Requirements for our early predictions, baring in mind that Ubisoft will get in touch a bit later in the year with final requirements.

Now thats a blade