well..here we go with the most waited game for the past one year (at least for me)

                                 "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Future Soldier"

yeah it's future soldier..the words "future" here really attracted me since the first time i Saw the trailer on youtube,with the high tech weapon and their invisible camo i thought this game will hit a huge success when it released. oh yeah by the way i saw the trailer (if i am not wrong) is between in the end of 2010.yeah 2010,it is said the game will released on fall 2011 but the fact is the game is delayed until a whole year.

Below Here there are my opinion about this game in the campaign mode..now let's see what the game can do..:


storyline??..the answer for this question is "just like another shooting game" you become an american soldier,there are the opposition,the opp are the bad guys and you have to killed them all..simple...mission accomplished :(

okay,maybe most of shooting games is just simple like these one but hey at least i have to know what are my character!..there is no introduction who is the protagonist the only thing i know is we are ghost team,special team who can handle any condition of war. for the first time i thought there will be many role (you know,like in the battlefield 3,we play as different char in some of mission) but until in the end of the game i still play as one person with i never know what his name.


Fortunately the gameplay is well i could say it is fun enough to play..with the high tech weapon and armor this game is somehow become fun.many other games which is need stealth to kill the enemy are become frustration games,like sniper elite v2 (aaarrrgghhhh..it's really stressful when i played this game) but,this game make stealth looks fun it's like an assassins creed stealth than sniper elite stealth.and the 'drone' and 'sensor' stuff it's really big help for almost entire mission and it's a cool stuff too.the rest equipment just like the usual such as nightvision google,flashbang,frag grenade,incendiary grenade.

what makes this game is unique is weapon customization,you can change your weapon parts not only weapon scope but also any other parts such as barrel,trigger,side rail etc with their own effect of course.

oh yeahhh i almost forgot,the player view is change from the last ghost recon (GRAW2:Ghost recon advanced warfighter 2)from 1st person to 3rd person shooter i don't know why the ubisoft changed this view,maybe they want to show us how the camo will work or help the player view when in cover behind the wall(u can't do that on previous series)..i don't know what's their up to.

the tactical map is become simple than GRAW2,in here we are only to mark the target and order the rest of the team to shoot the enemy..we are not the team leader here but the tactical shoot (they called sync shot) are ordered by the player (honestly it's doesn't make any sense for me) but at least, it's make the mission easier.



Finally....the Graph Section.. i don't know what to say..many Game-debate user here tell the graph is bad...well..i can't argue with that..i don't know..there are no improvement here it's just like 2010's released game if we compared the graph to battlefield 3 than the result is not even close to battlefield 3,the cinematic scene is terrible the soldier are become has a round head with chubby cheeks..disgusting

and the worst part is when in game your character can stack up with your team-mate while in cover!! it's a big FAILED!!!..how ubisoft let this happening???! your character can move trough your team-mate body when they are in cover in the same place..it is really poor.



the Summary

basicly the gameplay is cool with the soldier equipment,weapon customization,invisible camouflage,more simple tactical map are good point of this game but the graph performance and storyline is somewhat we could called it poor..hopefully there are improvement in the next installment such as create your own soldier,change your armor,what's your role on the team etc. Even there are so many poor section in this game,this game is still worthy enough to play.


Finally, Happy Hunting Ghost :)