Alan Wake
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I dont usually like playing games of the horror genre but this particular title changes that fact completely. Alan wake is indeed game worth playing.

One of the major reasons why i dont usually like horror games like the Dead Space titles and other major ones is beacause of the intense schloky gore. Alan Wake however, has a chilling and pretty scary gameplay without leaning into gruesome blood and gore. The game is driven by its intense and creative
story telling. Only a few minutes into the game and the player will be captivated by the story itself. The events in the game take place at Bright Falls, Washington. Bright Falls looks beautiful in bright daylight. But, as night approaches and darkness falls, the place turns into and area infested by ghouls and ghosts ready to chop your head off with an axe. The story is narrated well all thorughout the game.

Alan Wake's gameplay and graphics are great as well. The graphics engine used in this game works out pretty well and the overall look and feel of the game are nice. All the encounters with the undead take
place at night during darkness. These ghosts are affected by the torchlight which the player
carries at all times in one of his hands. The torch has to be used to slow down the ghosts and finally shoot them with a gun. The torch runs on a battery which runs out if you use the torch too much. The batteries have to be refilled during fights.
With a good pair of headphones, the combat feels good and chilly. It feels great to shoot down ghosts with a shotgun.

In the end, Alan Wake turns out to be a descent horror game while fulfilling the graphical and gameplay expectations of most gamers today.