Running isnt an option

One Helluva a Gripping Story
Life after a zombie apocalypse isn't as fun as we all thought, after surviving for months in an abandoned motel, everybody starts realizing they've ran outta food, and the only way to survive is by wisely distributing the remaining rations and then heading out for hunting. But what they don't know is that there's other survivors willing to trade. And what they also don't know is that it'll turn out to be one of the most horrifying experiences they'll ever go through.

Again, you play as Lee Everett. In this episode there's no neutral ground, you can't hold the stick from the middle and have the best of both worlds, or stay silent and get everybody's approval. You either support gambling with the group's life for a chance of getting supplies and a fortress, or you support staying safe and hope it'll rain food. Either ways, it wont be easy to decide, and in the end you will have to play the game again and make different choices, just to see how things would've turned out if you had spared someone's life, or if you had given the remaining food to another person instead.

In this game the quick-time choices you make will leave you stunned by how things changes drastically. It's impressive how the whole game is tailored by how you react to certain situations. And eventually it'll make people around you either love and look up to you, or wish they'd chop your head off and feed it to the walkers.

The plot is exciting and horrifying to an extent you'll be covering your eyes or wishing you would un-see what you've just seen. The ending will turn out to be one of the most dazzling and unpredicted endings you've came across.

If you don't buy the game, you're missing out a story that you'll never forget. Period

Cartoonish Zombies?
The only let down was the graphics. While I stated in the previous episode's review how you wont care about the graphics being "cartoonish" since it's filled with some gore scenes that'll leave you nauseous, I had wished at least they had fixed the slow-downs and glitches. But no, same disturbing slow downs remains and it takes you out of the moment just. like. that.

If there's nobody in the house to hear you curse or you had a really good anger management consultant in the past, the above wont be much of a problem. What I had really hoped for though was graphics like Alan Wake. I can already imagine shivers running up to my spine if I had played the game with such graphics, I mean common, a game with a story like that is begging for better graphics.

But do we get better graphics? No. Does this mean the game sucks? Hell No!

I repeat, the graphics wont stop you from having your jaw on the ground as the credits rolls.

I Love it When Zombies Scream!
The voice acting was top notch, the music kept a scary atmosphere going and every shot fired from a gun had it's own sound effect.

Hats off to the voice actors who did the zombies screaming while their head being chopped off, it isn't a big deal but I found the walkers voices really intriguing and realistic. You know when to call a game successful? When a game about zombies looks realistic to you, despite the graphics it had anyways.

Another day passes..
You wont rest for a second! The minute I got my hands off the game was when I finished the episode twice. It's extremely action-filled and exciting, and while the slow-downs and glitches took some of the fun away, I'd recommend this game to anyone.

I can't wait for the third episode.


Dont walk away from us. Not now